Remembrance Day Has to Stand for More Than a Photo Opportunity and Day of Pageantry

On this November 11th try doing something more than laying a wreath, marching in a parade, wearing a poppy, giving a speech, and all the other things that do little to improve the lives of veterans and their families!

I am a person who believes that Remembrance Day has been highjacked by the shameless. Shameless politicians, big business, not so non profit organizations, and con-artists seeking to capitalize on what should be a day of honoring those who fought and died to persevere the rights and freedoms of all people. Those truly who would honor the brave and the fallen would be living a life that honors them everyday, upholding and promoting the values that they and their families sacrificed so much for.
What good is the laying of wreaths, fancy speeches, gun salutes, parades, lowering and raising of flags, the minutes of silence, or the wearing of poppies, if the other 364 days of the year most people will do the opposite of what they need to do to honor our veterans?

I personally do not wear a poppy, but I do try to honor the memories of all those who fought and died every day, by being a decent, caring, honorable person who treats everyone as an equal and by accepting everyone’s rights and freedoms.

Most people do not live a day-to-day life that honors the principles and values that those they say they are honoring, fought and died for. Too many prejudices remain. Too many people are racially, ethnically, religiously, and culturally intolerant to honestly say that they are honoring the memories of those who served and are serving.
On this Remembrance Day, politicians, big business and the wealthiest 1% of the world’s population should hang their collective heads down. Hang them down not in respect for those who died serving their countries’ efforts to preserve the rights and freedoms that we the citizens of democratically governed countries enjoy, but in shame for willfully and shamelessly risking all that those brave men and women fought and died for by putting their political and personal future ahead of duty.
How many veterans do you know and how many have you helped, or are you one of the above that think that ceremonies and photo opts improve the lives of veterans and their families?

For 364 days a year most people:

  • Ignore our veterans, walk by them as they lay in the street homeless and without shelter.
  • Do not care if our veterans get the medical help that need from injuries they earned on missions we the people through our government sent them on.
  • Do not care if our veterans have had to commit suicide feeling that this was the only peace they could get, their cries for help being ignored, denied, or the process found to be too slow or too complicated them under the current rules.
  • Ignore the suffering of our veterans’ families as they suffer financially and emotionally trying to help their returning sons, daughters, husbands and wives who have served honorably.

Despite these things most people will don their poppies, march in parades, give pretty speeches, lament them in legions, and promise not to forget them, but forget them most people will until next year on November the 11th when they wish to clear their consciences and pretend they give a damn.

Update November 11th 10:19 pm

Why 2 days of Remembrance in Canada, one for Indigenous People and one for everyone else? Did not all races of Canadians serve along with  all the people of the free world? What next? Should the contributions of Black, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and all other nationalities’  who served in the Canadian armed forces be honored with their own individual day of remembrance and lowering of the Canadian flag? All have suffered and all rose above it to answer the call…does this not make them all deserving of the same tribute on the same day none more important then the other? I think so. If this day of remembrance is to remain and mean anything let us try to remember what it is honoring!

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