While Quebecers Die, Legault Prioritises On Creating A Nation Based On Racist Politics

The cost of Quebec politicians turning the province of Quebec into a French, Catholic, and White nation, or devoting all of Quebec’s resources and their energy on racist politics, means death for Quebecers in so many ways. There is a callous, we don’t care what happens to the Canadian citizens living in the province of Quebec, coming out of both Quebec provincial politicians and the federal Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole, when it comes to the racist loss of minority rights in Quebec.  Quebec’s continuing to pass laws that violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution of Canada is literally causing the death of Quebecers, and making it impossible for others to thrive and make a living without giving up their religion and right to practice their religious beliefs freely.

Don’t take my word for it, read below what:

  • Parti Québécois’s critic on secularism, Pascal Bérubé, had to say about the 3rd grade teacher that lost her job for wearing a hijab below.
  • Happened to Richard Genest, 65 after he had to wait over 2 hours for an ambulance and had to be transported out of his area due to scaled back services in his local.

Death comes in many forms when one is talking politics for instance there is. the:

  • physical death of citizens.
  • death of the rights and freedoms of certain targeted citizens.
  • death of any opportunity to do anything to improve the life of citizens.

Richard Genest, 65, died following a two-hour wait for an ambulance this week. His local emergency room’s service had been scaled back due to staffing shortages.

Physical death of Quebec citizens:

  1. The Lachine Hospital has been closed for over a month to ambulances. The hospital does not have a functioning intensive care unit. The Lachine Hospital, is in the southwestern part of the city. The McGill University Health Centre which manages the hospital, reduced the emergency room hours to between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Ambulances are being re-routed, and only walk-ins are accepted. Dr. Paul Saba, president of the council of physicians at Lachine Hospital said, “It’s time for the Legault government to force the MUHC to adequately staff the facility.”  Saba also said, “We keep hearing from the MUHC that it’s due to a collective agreement, so we’re saying, OK, by-pass that, go directly to decree, provide all the incentives and provide all the bonuses.
  2. MNA Joël Arseneau said the issues at the Lachine Hospital point to a larger problem across the province. “I think what we’re going through is absolutely outrageous,” said Arseneau, who represents the Îles-de-la-Madeleine riding for the Parti Québécois. “It’s unheard of that we have to fight to have an emergency ward that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”
  3. Richard Genest, 65, died following a two-hour wait for an ambulance this week. His local emergency room’s service had been scaled back due to staffing shortages.

Death of the rights and freedoms of certain targeted citizens:

  1. Chelsea, Quebec: The Western Quebec School Board confirmed that a Grade 3 teacher at Chelsea Elementary School was removed from the classroom for wearing a hijab, because of Bill 21. Quebec’s Bill 21 bans the wearing of religious symbols by certain government employees deemed to be in positions of authority while at work, such as hijabs, kippas and turbans by teachers and other government employees deemed to be in positions of authority. (There is no such restriction when it comes to the wearing of a crucifix) 
  2. Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller, who is also a Montreal-area MP said, “It’s cowardly.” “This type of discrimination isn’t reflective of the Quebec society I want to live in.” Under Bill 21, International Development Minister Harjit Sajjan “couldn’t teach music class in Quebec, because of the turban that he wears on his head.” “He shouldn’t, because he’s a lousy musician, but that’s the only reason he should be excluded from teaching, frankly…it’s disheartening and it’s picking on someone vulnerable.”
  3. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said of the reassignment, “There are no concerns about her capacity and ability to teach, no concerns about whether she’s providing good education to kids, simply because of the way she looked and the way she dressed, she is no longer able to teach those kids,” he said.
  4. Conservative MP Kyle Seeback wrote on Twitter, “I cannot in good conscience keep silent on this anymore.” “This is an absolute disgrace. It’s time politicians stood up for what’s right. Bill 21 has to be opposed. In court, in the house of commons and in the streets.”
  5. Liberal MP Iqra Khalid wrote on twitter that she is “deeply concerned” about the teacher’s removal. “We have seen what happens when policies are used to reinforce systemic prejudice and divide Canadians. We have felt their tragic consequences,” she wrote. “We are better than this.”
  6. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland when asked about the teacher’s removal, said, “The Prime Minister was very clear during the election campaign…he was very clear about our government’s position, and of course, that remains our government’s position.”
  7. Trudeau said, “We have not taken off the table intervening at a later date because no federal government should take off the table the ability to stand up for people’s fundamental rights,”
  8. In a time where Quebec is having a difficult time finding teachers to enter a classroom due to Covid 19 they reassigned a qualified teacher, because she dared to honor the obligations of her Muslim faith, by wearing a hijab in her classroom a a disallowed symbol of her religion, according to Quebec law forced on the people of Quebec by Legault and his cohorts in the Quebec provincial government.

When it comes right down to it there is only one thing that money gets spent on in Quebec by the Legault government without a hassle and that is laws and campaigns to avert an imaginary, cultural and linguistic crisis. Everything else is not affordable and seems to irritate Premiere Legault to the point where he says out loud that he has lost his patience with those who seek more for themselves and threatens back to work legislation.

Death of  of any opportunity to do anything to improve the life of citizens:

  1. Money for Hockey promotion. Money for pro French language ads. Money for Islamophobic laws and enforcement. Money for language police…no money to keep emergency rooms in Quebec hospitals to operate 24/7 and fully staffed. No money to inspect long care nursing home facilities.

Unfortunately, Legault is not unique in politics, in fact he is sadly becoming the norm and is a manifestation of years of political leaders with and ax to grind living or trying to live out their authoritarian dream of setting things straight by any means they deem necessary, even if it means undermining the democratic process that brought them to power in the first place.

I remember when what the French were seeking was equality. I understood the need for French language rights, because when I filled out my first job application over 45 years ago being able to read, write and speak French was an asset, but not a necessity, but English was. Whether it was a job in retail, government, or service the only language you needed to be hired was English and if you only spoke French, you were most likely not going to be hired.

This desire of equality for the French majority of Quebec has been perverted by provincial political leaders like, Pauline Marois, Jacques Parizeau and now worst of them all Francoise Legault who no longer wish for equality, but for an independent country where only one culture, religion, and body of practices is valued and accepted politically, legally and morally over all others.

I agree with Liberal MP Iqra Khalid wrote on twitter that she is “deeply concerned” about the teacher’s removal. “We have seen what happens when policies are used to reinforce systemic prejudice and divide Canadians. We have felt their tragic consequences,” she wrote. “We are better than this.”


  • Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole says a Quebec law prohibiting some public servants from wearing religious symbols on the job is an issue to be dealt with by that province alone. The Conservative leader says while he personally opposes the law and has raised it with Quebec Premier Francois Legault, he respects provincial jurisdiction and believes it to be “an issue that is best left for Quebecers to decide.”
  • Parti Québécois’s critic on secularism, Pascal Bérubé, “The reason why this teacher doesn’t have a job, is because she doesn’t respect the law,” he said. “The law is for everyone; She tried to make a statement wearing a hijab.”  “The teacher has a choice to make: her job or religion.” I think that the true reason for Bill 21 has finally been spoken out loud and the reason has nothing to do with secularism and everything to do with racism. What does this say about Quebec if Bill 21 is popular with a majority of Quebecers?
  • Premier François Legault’s reply to criticism about the reassigning said, “The school board should not have hired this person as a teacher in the first place given Bill 21,” “Bill 21 became a law in June 2019. It was voted democratically by the National Assembly. I think it’s a reasonable law, a balanced law. In our law, only employees in positions of authority including teachers should not wear religious symbols while on duty. “At home, in the street, they can do what they want. Quebec has made the choice of secularism, and I think it must be respected.” who Is they he is referring to in such a shamefully, ignorant, disrespectful manner? Is they, Muslim women? Is this not an example of systemic racism?

My conclusion: This is the law that a majority of Quebecers support! This is the kind of Quebec that Quebec’s Muslim minority  and others will have to live in if the province of Quebec becomes a nation! The only thing that Quebec has not done to its Muslim minority population that China has done to its Muslim population (Uyghurs) is to intern Quebec Muslims in special training centers: but then again, isn’t what is happening to this 3rd grade teacher and her choices under Bill 21 the same type of coercion? If the Federal government does not challenge Bill 21 in the courts, then, perhaps Canada should stop being so hypocritical and go ahead and send its diplomats to the Winter Olympics in China!

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