The End of The World As We Know it Is Upon Us

We have failed as caretakers of this planet called earth!

I truly believe that the end of the world as we know it; the Apocalypse, or the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ that is talked about in the bible is upon us and there is no way out, nor anything anyone can do to stop it. We have whored, warred, and polluted all that that once was pure and decent. We, humanity have allowed what is truth to be viewed as lies and what is untrue to be seen as truth. Humanity is an abomination before God and is a constant reminder to God that we are not deserving of all that the Lord has given onto us with instructions to take care of and cherish.

The first sign of the apocalypse heralds the coming of an Antichrist whose purpose is to lead the world astray.  In this category we have a large selection of worthy candidates competing for the job like Putin and Trump.

The second sign is represented by the onset of war and violence, the viciousness, destructiveness, and inhumanity not seen before.  What China is doing in what it calls its region Hong Kong and Taiwan and Russia’s military build up on its border with Ukraine which Ukraine, the USA and the European Union see as a precursor to invasion and the threats of retaliation in both cases are leaving the world on edge and on the precipice of what could be the war to end all wars, as fulfilment of this sign.

The third and fourth signs depict the onset of natural disasters in the form of large-scale famine and death, considered to signify a global pandemic that is either caused by or occurs in conjunction to the war that the second sign brings. Wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, Covid 19, Pandemic, mass migrations, the starving men, women, and children in Afghanistan; you choose because they all fit the criteria needed in the 3rd and 4th signs.

The fifth sign of the apocalypse is largely symbolic in nature as it refers to martyrs of the Christian faith who cry out to God for judgement on those who have slain them. Well God fearing, good people of all religions and races who seek to tell the truth and advocate for  basic human rights for all people are being persecuted, jailed tortured and put to death all over the world, by those in power that would silence them and continue the lies and lead their people away from the truth and down the slippery slope that is chaos, denial and an acceptance as normal what was once considered to be evil and unthinkable behavior.

The sixth and seventh signs of the apocalypse typically depict an image of a great earthquake that ends the world before a final judgement or end is let loose from heaven by God. Well, the world has seen earthquakes in numbers and ferocity very rarely seen before and in numbers that are shocking to even the scientists. Towns are being wiped off the face of the earth and volcanoes are erupting burying towns their lava turning to ash everything and everyone in their path. The polar ice cap is melting at such an quick rate that the levels of water will rise enough  to cause most of the world to disappear beneath it, and yet we sit silent, listening to lies and denying that we have failed to do what we were put on this earth to do; what we have claimed as our responsibility by virtue that it is us who is the dominant species on this planet and its caretaker.

Our sins are many. We as a species are guilty of:

  1. Causing the extinction of countless species that we were tasked to tend.
  2. Making the water, air and earth toxic to all life forms including our own, causing the earth to become more uninhabitable by the day.
  3. Turning the word humanity from a caring word that meant something good into a word symbolising all that is bad and unjust in the world.

Yes, I believe that the end of the world as we know it is upon us and there is nothing, we can do about it, because we are in denial and our mind can no longer tell the difference between right and wrong; good and evil, or truth and lies.  I believe that all that is left is the sounding of the trumpet and the final judgement.

It could come by someone pushing the button and causing the world to go into a nuclear war that would end it all, or the effects of climate change cleansing the earth of humanity, or maybe it will be a virus like Covid 19, only worse brought on by humanity playing God one time too often and not being able to find the cure in time, but one thing is for sure and that is our time on this earth is coming to a quick and abrupt end.

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