How Long Will The Vaccinated Be Sacrificed To Save The Unvaccinated?


Unvaccinated, very few masks. No social distancing. These idiots are the cause of Quebec’s overwhelmed healthcare system, the curfew and lock downs they object to and the closing of schools and businesses!

I understood not being able to get a prescheduled operation to save the unvaccinated person when vaccines were not readily available, but this is no longer the case. I was taught at an early age that the choices and actions of everyone, always resulted in consequences. I believe that the choice not to be vaccinated for Covid 19 when there is vaccine readily available is and should be a choice of the individual, but that the only people that should suffer the consequences of that personal decision are the unvaccinated individuals by choice. What is happening in Canada and all over the world in this regard is totally against all that we are taught from the time we are children, teach to our children when we become adults and that apply to any other decision good or bad that we make throughout the course of our lives.

I do not want the government to get money by taxing the unvaccinated like they say that they are looking into in Quebec. What I do want is that the unvaccinated face the consequences of their informed choices in real time. I agree that the unvaccinated are making a personal choice after having been given all the pertinent information on vaccines and reasons for getting vaccinated and the serious negative affects not getting vaccinated could have on their health, life and death. I also believe that they, the unvaccinated should not receive any special medical, or financial treatment for losses that arise from their so called informed personal decision not to be vaccinated.

Since we can not have everything in duplicate like stores, gyms, restaurants, bars and salons…hospitals, government agencies and the like, I would suggest that the unvaccinated show some entrepreneurial spirit by:

  • Buying up lots of land and building antivaccination self sufficient communities complete with everything needed to exist like hospitals, gyms, bars, beauty salons, stores and restaurants…In this manner they would not have to leave their communities and spread the virus that they will inevitably be getting amongst anyone other that those who chose like then to make the personal choice of not getting vaccinated.

Imagine the immediate benefits if this were to come to pass, For instance instead of:

  1. blocking up the health system and causing delays for surgeries that are not life threatening but can be negatively life altering for those who chose to get vaccinated and are on the right side of science, the unvaccinated could go to a hospital or clinic right in their community, staffed by doctors, nurses, caregivers and support staff that have made the same personal choice not to get vaccinated as they did.
  2. Closing down all nonessential businesses to people who have followed the science and got vaccinated and are no longer a health threat to anyone from enjoying a normal life, because there are highly unvaccinated, contagious people running around demanding the same rights to a normal life and all that that entails…the unvaccinated could shop and do thigs normally in their own self efficient and self-reliant communities.
  3. Lock downs and curfews life’s clock could go back to 24hrs because no one would be at risk of contaminating anyone.

My best friend is 69 years old, is triple vaccinated and has been recently diagnosed with cervical stenosis. He has lost most of the feeling in his left foot and leg but cannot even sign the papers for his operation because the healthcare system in Quebec is being overwhelmed by Covid 19 unvaccinated patients.   I want my best friend to be able to get his spinal operation before the cervical stenosis he was diagnosed with completely paralyzes him.

I know 1st hand what the consequences are for waiting too long to have the corrective surgery for what ever the reason, because I was misdiagnosed and by the time, I got the operation some of my nerves died and full recovery was not possible and the recovery I was able to achieve took forever and a day. Why should anyone have to face paralysis because an none vaccinated person by choice is thrust to the front of the cue. If the choice to be not to be vaccinated is a personal choice to be respected, taken with the knowledge that if you get Covid 19 you could die and the vaccine is available, then is your refusal to be vaccinated your personal choice to accept the conscience of a death sentence?

Finally, my 10-year-old granddaughter just got covid 19. Emily fortunately got covid 19 after she became eligible for the vaccine on December 30th. As a result, she suffered minor symptoms and had to go into quarantine. I dread the thought that only a few weeks before Emily would have been too young to be vaccinated. 

Both of my school age grandchildren are now learning virtually because the schools are deemed unsafe for children and adults alike. This is because of the spread of covid 19 caused by the unvaccinated 10% of the population of Quebec.

It is time to stop the nonsense and letting the will of the few dictate the lives and deaths of the majority. Covid 19 is not a political issue to be used as a wedge to gain votes. Covid 19 is a health issue that has caused the deaths of millions of people and threatens to kill millions more if we as a people do not do what is medically sound. If we will not as a society mandate covid 19 vaccinations, then we must at least hold those who refuse to account and isolate them even further until they are only a danger onto themselves.


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