What Have We Learned About Canadian Police, Policing, Politicians and Some Canadians As a Result of Covid19

Why put your children at risk?

Some Canadian police are cowards:

  • After watching the lack of police action and the reasons they have given for their lack of action to what has gone on for the past week in Ottawa Ontario and Coutts Alberta and the planned occupations of Quebec City Quebec, and Toronto Ontario, what else could one say. When a police force refuse to take the necessary measures to end a protest that has become an occupation because they are afraid to get police officers hurt. That is cowardice! They could offer the choice of the occupiers a no negotiation option of moving on and let those who wish to leave do so. Then the area could be blocked off with whatever it took and the authorities could start to arrest the drivers of the trucks. Once the drivers and other occupiers were arrested, send in police drivers not to tow out the trucks, but drive them out of the way so that the process did not take the 3 hours a truck estimated if done by towing the vehicles.  Police chiefs, officers and patrolmen do not know the laws regarding the right of citizens to peacefully assemble and protest, so I will share this information.

The Law:

  • Protesting in Section 2 (c) -Freedom of peaceful assembly.
  1. The right to protest and assemble in Canada is a constitutional right. But there is a caveat: the protest in question must be a “peaceful assembly” in order to be legal.

Section 2(c) – Freedom of peaceful assembly:  Provision:

  1. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
  2. freedom of peaceful assembly.

Section 2(c) guarantees the right to peaceful assembly; it does not protect riots and gatherings that seriously disturb the peace: R. v. Lecompte, [2000] J.Q. No. 2452 (Que. C.A.). It has been stated that the right to freedom of assembly, along with freedom of expression, does not include the right to physically impede or blockade lawful activities: Guelph (City) v. Soltys, [2009] O.J. No. 3369 (Ont. Sup. Ct. Jus), at paragraph 26.

My conclusion on this matter: After reading the laws on the right of protest in Canada as stated in 2(c):

    1. The police chief in Ottawa and others who are letting blockades and noisy protesters disrupt their cities are either ignorant of the law, cowards trying to hide behind a law that doesn’t exist or has someone been paid off by the organisers of the occupation to ignore the law…whatever the reason they should be fired. 
    2. The police for chief in charge of the Coutts Alberta blockade that has hindered the movement of traffic at the Canada USA boarder should also be fired for dereliction of duty and cowardice for the same reasons as the police chief in Ottawa. 

Some Canadian politicians view policy and policing in a different way when it comes to what is legal police action under the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms depending on the racial make up of the majority of the protesters.

Protest where the racial majority is not white:

  • We have all seen what happens when Indigenous people’s protests block trains from running through their land, or try to block the expansion of a golf course on sacred burial grounds on their land or when a small group of minorities engages in protest that blocks a single public street. These protests are met with swift government condemnation, followed up by action that is often violent, with little or no concern for the safety of either side. For these protest politicians of all stripes find their courage and resolve and quote federal, provincial, and civic laws that prohibit and limit what is allowed to happen in a legal peaceful protest.

Protest where the majority of the protesters are white:

  •  Two Canadian borders are illegally blocked 1 for 2 weeks and another for a few days stopping the normal flow of legal business and travel; with the risk of major job losses due business closures from lack of goods and the powers that be say that their hands are tied under the law and that they are concerned for the occupier’s safety.
  • The people of downtown Ottawa are not able to sleep, work, or go about their daily lives without being harassed by an occupying mob that is still being called a peaceful protest. Some Conservative party politicians are still calling the truckers convoy a peaceful democratic protest.   The new interim leader of the federal Conservative Party, Candice Bergen says, “there are good people on both sides,” has gone to dinner with some of the people who are illegally occupying the capital of Canada and posed with them beside the big trucks the occupiers are using for the blockade.
  • Pierre Poilievre announced his bid for the leadership of the federal Conservative Party by talking about how aligned his politics are with the people occupying the Canadian capital and how he will allow them and all Canadians to be even more free. Pierre Poilievre aligned himself with an angry mob that was and calling for the illegal removal of a duly elected federal prime minister and his government…in essence throwing his support behind an attempted coupe détente.   I believe the difference in how the law is being enforced and interpreted by the powers that be is based on the fact majority of the protesters in these cases are white.

Some Canadians are as evil and heartless as the Taliban or other terrorists’ groups:

  • They do not care how much hurt emotionally, physically, or mentally they impose on the innocent of a population.
  • They do not care how many people lose their businesses or jobs.
  • They have even stooped to using their own children as human shields…bringing young children to protest sites hoping to deter police action against themselves but putting their own children in the line of fire non the less. (Why have these children not been taken and put in protective custody for their safety like they do for indigenous children and minorities on the faintest suspicion of some wrongdoing?)

What of the rights of those who have followed the law, did their part to help those most vulnerable in society to covid 19 and who are unable to get vaccinated for medical reasons? Who speaks for them? Who protects their right to live in peace to be able to go to work to quite frankly and literally live if it is not the government and not the police?

My final word:

 Whether or not you are engaged in a legal protest as defined in Section 2(c) – Freedom of peaceful assembly and what the government and police response to one’s protest will be met with does not depend on:

  • Whether or not you are obeying the laws governing Canada, your province, or your city.
  • what you are protesting about.
  • What your demands are.
  • Who’s or what rights and freedoms a protest is infringing on when it comes to other citizens, but rather on what race makes up the majority of the protesters in any given protest. 

If you are Indigenous, or visible minority know that if you protest you will be met by police in a show of force and aggressive behaviour. A policing force whose only mandate is to put down the protest by any means necessary and immediately, but if your protest is made up of a majority of white protesters you will be taken to supper by politicians, given selfie opportunities with both politicians and police and allowed to do whatever you want for as long as you want no matter who it hurts or how much your occupation cost the government and the law abiding citizens you are making collateral damage with your actions.  

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