We Didn’t Know Won’t Work This Time

The nations that are supposed to represent the free world have once again proven their true nationalistic nature and their cowardice. Their refusal to do what they know is right according to international law, and democratic values has rendered them moot. The members of the United Ntions, the G7,  European Union and Nato are  guilty of standing by while genocide is being committed on the innocent civillians of Ukraine by a brutal dictator named Vladimir Putin. This time these so-called leaders of the free world can’t say that they didn’t know what was going on, or they did not know that the situation was that bad!

The excuse used after the 2nd world war by the USA and other nations who could have and should have stop the extermination of 6 million European Jews by Hitler and his Nazis,  will not work this time. It was a weak excuse the last time. Hourly updates on Putin’s war on Ukraine on the internet, television and radio make it impossible for any world leader, government, or people to claim that they did had no knowledge that war crimes, crimes against humanity and other atrocities were being inflicted on the innocent men, women, and childrent by the the Butcher of Ukraine/Vladimir Putin. The Butcher of Ukraine/Vladimir Putin is doing all this in plain sight, while the nations who swore never to allow genocide to happen again cowers in the shadows making excuses for not joining in the fight. Tough talk and sanctions will not stop the wiping of Ukraine off of the map. Sending weapons to the Ukraine, will not stop Putin from exterminating the innocent Ukranian civillians.

  • Publically saying to  the Butcher of Ukraine that under no cirumstance will NATO put boots on the ground to hep Ukraine, but will provide weapons and body bags instead tells the Butcher of Ukraine: You can kill every Ukrainian, take their country over and we will not interfere, just do not attack a country in NATO.
  • Just supplying weapons and body bags to Ukraine and  not putting boots on the ground, kind of like throwing David a slingshot to fight Goliath, hoping that David kills Go;iath with a lucky shot and saves the world.

What is become increasingly clear is that the so-called countries who say that democracy and world ruled based order is not a given but must be fought for if necessary, really means we will stand by you if:

  • your nation happens to be useful militarily, like say Israel.
  • your nation has oil or other assets that the west needs, like Afghanistan.
  • defending your will not cost the nations of the west economical hardship.
  • defending your country will; not cause the west to fight and enemy with equal weaponry and military capabilities.

Social media’s ability to have instant graphic pictorial news coverage distributed to millions of people around the world simultaneously makes the “I didn’t know excuse” not valid. We have seen the president of Ukraine beg for what he feels that he needs.

I guess that I got this nuclear deterrent thing all wrong. I was under the impression that they were supposed to stop and make aggressive nations rethink taking aggressive unprovoked war like actions against other nations. i mean the thought was that everybody wanted to go on living and just the threat of another nuclear armed nation using them as a last hail Mary attempt at victory would cause a retaliatory strike that would be the beginning of Armageddon. This was and is the explanation that nations that have nuclear weapons have given for not getting rid of their nuclear arsenals.

The real problem though is the nationalistic policies of the president of the USA, Joe Biden. Trump at least pulled out of NATO. This allowed Europe, Canada and the rest of the world who believed in democracy and ruled based law and order to think differently about the USA coming to the rescue. It made it clear that the USA did not feel any obligation, or political will to defend the rights and freedoms of like-minded countries being threatened by dictators and autocratic regimes.

Biden’s is a coward and under his cowardly leadership the dictators of the world who seek to go back to the days of empire building by force, know that they have nothing to fear and the likes of Butcher of Ukraine/Vladimir Putin and others feel free to wage war on their defenseless neighbors because they know that they will go unchallenged, because countries like Germany will not stop financing his war by turning off the flow of gas and oil from Russia no matter how many Ukrainians he murders. Neither will the USA put boots on the ground for fear it might get a bloody nose.

Perhaps democracy and the rule of law has always been more talk than walk. Something to hold up a orated about, but not fought for when challenged. As the great American experiment collapses, and right wing nationalistic political parties win in Europe and Canadian prime ministers refuse to protect their religious, linguistic and racial minorities, so goes Ukraine and its people.

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