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Did B.C. Supreme Court Justice George Macintosh Send A Wrong Message To Sexual Assault Predators Like David Pickton?

The decision of the B.C. Supreme Court Justice George Macintosh and the way he put it makes it sound as if he is saying that if you are a victim of a rape attempt, or have been raped, the best solution for everyone is for you the victim to just act like the whores that the justice system will make you out to be anyway and save yourself a lot of disappointment, pain. He also suggests that you the victim should try to avoid causing a financial burden for both you and the legal system, by accepting whatever cash settlement offered to you by the person who violated you. Continue reading

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Ask The Non Francophone Of Quebec If They Feel That All Canadian Citizens Are Treated Equally Under The Laws Of Canada

I get so angry that some people are so heartless, so inhuman that they could say too bad and feel that the potential loss of life is justified if it nets them the political goal they seek to achieve. Continue reading

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Talkative NDP Female MP Actually Responsible For Any Re-Victimizing Of Her Colleague, Not Justin Trudeau

If someone accused 1 of my grandsons of sexually assaulting them, I would want them to be given every opportunity to prove their innocence in a court of law, not in some back room in some politically charged environment that has found him guilty, because it is politically correct, or the chivalrous thing to do. Continue reading

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Is The Protecting Of Faceless Accusers Leading To Miscarriages Of Justice?

I think that before an accuser goes to someone’s boss, or goes public and accuses someone of harassment that they should really think it through, because what they are about to do will definitely have serious consequences for the person or persons they will be accusing.  I think that the … Continue reading

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