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Questions That Are On My Mind That I Think Should Be On The Minds Of All Canadians

It has never been more evident than with this governing Harper government that politics on the federal level is geared to divide Canadians in an effort to appeal to certain voting blocks rather than doing what is right, fair and just for all Canadians. Continue reading

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Majority Government Governance / The Canadian Oxymoron (Democratic / Dictatorship)

If all that separates Canada, a country claiming to be an international law-abiding country, governed by a  “democratic government” following the fundamental principles, policies and values democracy, from other oppressive regimes is what Canada has become to stand for under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen … Continue reading

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Are We Witnessing Incidents Related To Mental Health Issues, Or A Radicalised Canadian Terrorist Issue?

I write this post wondering what secret police, or security list I am on now, or if I am allowed to travel freely anymore, or if I travel abroad would I be allowed to return. I wonder about all of these things, because all of these things are done in secret with little, or no judicial oversight. Continue reading

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Justin Bourque Murders Three RCMP Officers In Moncton / NFA Angry At Talk To Revisit Gun Control Laws

I would seek the sensible balance and say that if every person is able to own a firearm then the law must be changed to hold firearms owners responsible for their weapons and all damage that those firearms may cause. Continue reading

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