All Canadians Responsible For The Dead And Injured Muslim Men Of Quebec

me-5Canadian Politicians, members of the media, law enforcement, and ordinary citizens, are all responsible in some way for the killing and injuring of Canadian Muslims in Quebec.  Make no mistake not one Canadian of voting age can claim to be innocent.  All Canadians are guilty, because whatever they have done, or failed to do, did not stop the deaths of six innocent Muslim men, on their knees, praying in their place of worship.

Canadian Politics 101:

  • Since there has been a Canadian government, Canadian politicians have been creating immigration laws and policies that are discriminatory and racist towards one minority or another.
  • It is also very Canadian for our politicians and press to blame the USA for what we do not want to take responsibility for, like why the six Muslim men were slain,
  • Canadian politicians and press keep suggesting that perhaps Trump and his crazy policies had something to do with the dead and injured in these senseless acts of violence.

I say, not so fast. Let’s look at Canada’s past and how far Canadian governments have come in terms of improving immigration laws, policies and the treatment of immigrants and refugees, before absolving Canadians and Canadian politicians of guilt. 

Canada’s immigration record from 1885-2017:

  • The Chinese Immigration Act, 1885, 1900, 1903 combined with federal legislation and municipal ordinances that restricted employment opportunities even in industries to only those not desirable to white Canadians, such as laundries. As if this was not bad enough, the Canadian government topped all the other acts with the Chinese Immigration Act 1923, better known as the Chinese Exclusion Act. It, replaced prohibitive fees with a ban on Chinese immigration to Canada with the exceptions of merchants, diplomats, students, and “special circumstances” cases. The Chinese that entered Canada before 1924 had to register with the local authorities and could leave Canada only for two years or less. The Chinese immigration Act, 1923 was not repealed until 1947
  • The Canadian government had an unofficial policy of restricting immigration by Black people until 1911. In 1911, Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier formalized this policy with these words, “His excellency in Council, in virtue of the provisions of Sub-section (c) of Section 38 of the Immigration Act, is pleased to Order and it is hereby Ordered as follows: For a period of one year from and after the date hereof the landing in Canada shall be and the same is prohibited of any immigrants belonging to the Negro race, which race is deemed unsuitable to the climate and requirements of Canada.”  Canada maintained its restrictions of immigration until 1962, when racial rules were eliminated from the immigration laws.
  • The forced relocation of the Africville residents occurred between 1964 and 1967. The last house was bulldozed January 2, 1970
  • The turning away of the Komagata Maru from Hong Kong. It arrived off Vancouver in 1914, with 376 passengers on board.  Most of them were Sikhs from India. They were denied entry due to immigration laws at the time.
  • In 1939, 907 Jewish refugees aboard the German transatlantic liner St. Louis, sought sanctuary from Nazi Germany in Canada. Canada refused to take them in and the ship sailed back to Europe, where 254 would later die in concentration camps.
  • The internment of 22000 Japanese Canadians during the 2nd world war. Families were separated, businesses, homes and other property taken from them.
  • In 2010 Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, had 492 Tamil refugees ( Muslim men, women and children) found aboard the ship, MV Sun Sea, who were seeking asylum in Canada, arrested and detained;  rewrote Canadian immigration law so that the Tamil refugees could be held incommunicado, denying them fair and timely access to hearings and the court process; ignored that the Tamil refugees were fleeing persecution, and a country engaged in a bitter civil war;  told Canadians that all must get in line, because Canada could not afford cost of taking in refugees such as found on the MV Sun Sea, while he personally helped gay men escape Iran and made it possible for them to jump the immigration waiting list,( starting a year earlier and continuing all through 2010);
  • In 2012 The conservative Party of Canada under the leadership of Stephen Harper use their majority government status to force into law Bill C-31: An Act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Balanced Refugee Reform Act, the Marine Transportation Security Act, the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Act and Bill C-24, or Citizen Act.  All of them are acts that unfairly targeted Muslim people seeking to immigrate to Canada, or attempting to seek asylum in Canada as refugees.
  • It is now 2017, six Muslim men are gunned while on their knees, heads down praying in a mosque in Quebec. The prime minister gives pretty speeches and condemns the senseless violence calling it an act of terrorism. Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal Party have been in power for a year with a majority government and have not repealed, or changed anything in any of the acts forced through by the Conservative Party of Canada during their ten years in power, which have been hugely responsible for the anti-Muslim sentiment and Islamophobia seen across Canada today.

Sadly, the only things that have changed from the year 1885 years right up to today in the whole immigration issue are, what immigrants are being unfairly treated by the Canadian government, and what excuse is offered for the necessity of it.

The Conservative Party of Canada seems to believe that spreading anti Muslim rhetoric is okay if you are running for the leadership of their party.  They did not block members of their party from running for their party’s leadership because certain candidates proposed policies were not in keeping with the values of the Conservative Party of Canada, like:

  • Kellie Leitch, who would if she became Prime Minister of Canada, give immigrants a Canadian values test;
  • Steven Blaney who would if he became Prime Minister of Canada, put a limitation on how many Muslims can immigrate to Canada.

The Liberal Party under the leadership of Justin Trudeau has done nothing to right the wrongs done to immigrants and refugees by Stephen Harper. Stephen Harper’s anti Muslim immigration laws have not been repealed. This despite the Liberal Party of Canada enjoying a majority government. Obviously in 2017 equality for all under Canadian immigration law is not a priority of the Liberal Party of Canada. Pretty speeches do however seem to be, as shown by the prime minister in Quebec after the horrid actions of a single gunman.

On the provincial level, Quebec has been rightly singled out as being one of the most racist places on the planet.

  • The Party Quebecois under the leadership of Pauline Marois tried to pass the Quebec Charter of Values, which for the most part targeted Muslims.
  • Philippe Couillard gave a very passionate and touching speech to show sympathy and to assure Muslims that they were equal under the law and safe and at home in Quebec.  Unfortunately, this is the same Philippe Couillard, who introduced Bill 62, the Liberals’ version of the Party Quebecois’ controversial secularism charter, which was introduced in 2013 but not implemented after the party lost the 2014 election.

On the federal and provincial level Canadian politicians are willing to promote anti Muslim sentiment for political gain. Muslims have become a political football for provincial and federal politicians. Both sets of politicians are guilty of creating an environment for Islamophobia to flourish for a very long time. An environment that made possible what happened in Quebec.

News agencies have done their part to spread the fear of certain immigrants throughout the history of Canada. Far too often they choose to report political rhetoric and bold-faced lies told by politicians, that make immigrants and refugees guilty for everything that is going wrong in Canada.  Canadian media is guilty of maintaining the environment required for mistrust, fear and hatred of Muslims and other minorities, in order maintain and grow their market share. No longer can the press claim to be uncorrupted and the true voice of the common man.

Reporting the news is big business. As profit and market share became the focus of news agencies, journalistic integrity and being the voice of the common man flew out the window. We now have right-wing news and left-wing news agencies espousing their opinion on the news events. What we no longer have is anyone just reporting the news.  What is passing for legitimate news coverage now are shows like CBC’s, Power and Politics and CFCF’s, Power Play.

Law enforcement: This bunch has done its part to enforce racist, unfair laws without protest. All too often they do their job with unnecessary brutality and cruelty…seeming to relish the chance to hurt and lord over those who have been targeted by the government for special treatment.

The mosque in Quebec had been vandalized, threatened, had a bleeding pig’s head left on its entrance way and yet the police failed to do anything to secure the premises. Muslim women were punched in the face, spit on, assaulted verbally on busses, a turban wearing man was viciously beaten on a public street by white youths and police refused to consider the incidents as hate crimes, or terrorist acts.  On the other hand, if anybody vandalizes a synagogue, beats up a Jewish person for wearing a Yakama, the police are quick to call it a hate crime. I think that  consistently not finding the evidence needed to proceed with the right charges is a statement that speaks volumes in terms of how fair and equal the justice system and law enforcement treat all citizens of Quebec.

Unfortunately, in Quebec hate crimes and terrorist acts are charges used strictly for deaths caused by Muslims, or those considered to be sympathetic to Muslims.

Canadian citizens: Some Canadian citizens are guilty of promoting mistrust, fear, and hatred of Muslims. Some are guilty of acting on the mistrust, fear, and hatred. Some are guilty of ignoring the racist behavior that they witness, and then gathering in solidarity only after people are killed.  Some believe despite what history proves, that there is nothing wrong with Canada’s immigration laws, either past or present, leaving nothing to change. Some, like Stephen Harper believe what makes a Canadian citizen a “real Canadian” is a person’s origin of birth, religion, language, and culture, and not the oath of allegiance that every immigrant and refugee must swear before becoming a Canadian citizen.

Where does that leave Canada?  Canada will keep on selling out its minorities as long as new reporters, political pundits, and politician insist that:

  • it is crucial that Prime Minister Trudeau does not directly challenge, or denounce Trump’s, racist and discriminatory immigration law for fear that such a criticism could mean a loss of trade between the two countries, doing harm to Canada’s economy; Canada has always been and will continue to be a country where immigrants regardless of their ethnicity are welcomed and can feel safe from persecution and find equality under the law;
  • that it is more important to continue the trading relationship the United States of America than it is to adhere to and stick up for what Canadian politicians claim are Canada’s core principles and values.

More importantly though  nothing will change for immigrants, refugees and minorities in Canada as long as Canadian citizens buy into it and mistreat and even put to death other Canadians, because they are different.

Making pretty speeches like our politicians showed after the six innocent, praying Muslim men were slain and others were critically injured while praying in a mosque  in Quebec, is just not doing enough.

Until the oath taken by immigrants makes them as Canadian as someone born in Canada, nothing will change.




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Americans Elect A President Who Is Listed As A Threat To Human Rights

mr-tweety1-jpgbme-5What does it say about the American Republican Party that they allowed a man like Donald Trump to be their candidate for the presidency of the United States of America? The Republican Party of the United States of America should be hanging its collective head in shame. It is this political party’s all-consuming lust for power that gave Donald Trump’s campaign legitimacy and a platform from which to spew his rhetoric.  Donald Trump should have been forced to run as an independent. Perhaps Donald Trump would have still won the election, but the Republican Party could have said that they did the right thing.  

  Despite  Donald Trump:

  • bad mouthing the party;
  • making racist remarks;
  • insulting allied leaders;
  • insulting a gold star veteran’s family;
  • making fun of the handicap;
  • being shown on video admitting that he thought that his celebrity gave him license to assault women, the seduction of power and need to be  in control of the government proved too great a temptation for the Republicans to resist. 

For their failure to do the right thing the Republican Party can look forward to having their party image dragged through the mud for the next four years. They will also be remembered as the political party that elected a president mentioned in “World Report 2017.”  Unfortunately for them, Human Rights Watch listed President-elect Donald Trump as a threat to human rights for “politics of intolerance.”

Everything about Donald Trump’s path to the White House from the campaign, to the winning the election, has been a mirror image of everything that is wrong in the United States of America. There is no mistake that Donald Trump will become the forty-fifth president of the USA. Unfortunately Donald Trump’s way of thinking and acting out represents what far too many Americans consider to be a success story. Donald Trump is the kind of person you end up with when you force feed every American from the time they are born that they are superior to all others on the planet and that nothing matters except what is good for the USA.

To too many Americans, success is judged by the size of one’s bank account, the size of one’s house, the school one’s child attends. There is nothing in the American success story that encourages, empathy for others, fair business practices, honesty, or being fair with one’s employees.  Most Americans are brought up to understand that it is a dog eat dog world and if you want to get ahead and be considered a success, then you must be willing to sacrifice your humanity and be willing to step on everyone in your way to the top.  Americans from the time they are old enough to understand are taught that where success is concerned there is no room for friends. Americans see everything and everyone as a tool to be used to get them what it is they want out of life. To too many Americans, diplomacy, negotiating and honor have become weaknesses not strengths: nice traits if you are content remaining an average Joe.

When questioned about whether or not Donald Trump’s misogynistic behavior exposed on an aired video would affect his willingness to vote for Donald Trump, one of his supporters said that it would not, because, “Every American family had a least one man in just like Donald Trump in it”.

Most American feel that the only way for them to get to the top is to do whatever it takes to amass as much wealth as possible, even if that means:

  • tax evasion;
  • misogynistic behavior;
  • not telling the truth; 
  • under paying employees;
  • putting employee’s health and lives at risk;
  • engaging in unethical business practice.

With the American people believing that this is how one must behave to get to the top and stay there, how can anyone be surprised that nothing Donald Trump has done in his past would bother enough people in the USA to keep them from voting for him?

Donald Trump’s victory will be the first time the people of United States of America chose to elect a person who:

  • when addressing the unnecessary killing of unarmed black men by police says, “It is time to give police back the power to do their jobs without fear.”;
  • has absolutely no idea of what it takes to be the president of the United States of America;
  • has accepted the word of a foreign leader like Vladimir Putin, as well as the hacker, accused rapist and fugitive Julian Assange, over that of the intelligence agencies sworn to protect and serve the USA, like the NSA, FBI, and CIA;
  • has proved that he cannot keep his word either in his personal life, or business dealings;
  • has proved that he has absolutely zero respect for women; and minorities;
  • has no respect for the leaders of countries, which happen to be proven allies of the USA;
  • has no intention on honoring treaties be they trade, defense, or environmental that he feels does not make the USA the only winner;
  • will abandon the USA’s allies in Syria by joining forces with Putin and Assad;
  • cannot stop acting like a spoilt child…pouting, arguing and whining on Twitter every time he does not get his way, or someone tells the truth about him that he does not want exposed.

Whether or not Trump was caught on tape doing something he shouldn’t, or whether his need to become the president of the USA meant literally at any cost, doesn’t really matter.  What does matters is that for the first time in the history of the United States of America there are serious doubts about whether the office of the presidency has been compromised by a foreign government and the actions and words of the incoming president are doing nothing to alleviate that fear.

It has to be almost impossible for the allies of the USA to trust Donald Trump when he:

  • tweets nothing but admiration and praise for Vladimir Putin and only his disappointment and what he sees as the failings of allied leaders;
  • states publicly in interviews his intention to fight alongside Russia in Syria, which would mean against the coalition of nations that the USA calls its allies;
  • expresses his intention to withdraw the USA from NATO, because he feels that NATO is obsolete;
  • publicly states his willingness to drop the USA’s sanctions on Russia, without Russia giving back Crimea to the Ukraine;
  • shows a total disrespect for the leaders of countries the USA is supposed to consider valued partners such as, Canada’s Justin Trudeau and Germany’s Angela Merkel.

Donald Trump has tweeted that he always knew that Putin was a smart guy. Is what Donald Trump finds smart about Putin the way he:

  • Took Crimea by military force from Ukraine?
  • Is able to kill off his political rivals and those who speak out against his methods of governance and get away with it?
  • Supports militarily president Assad of Syria?
  • Supports Assad’s usage of chemical weapons on his own people?
  • Is partially responsible for the greatest forced migration of people since the Second World War?

I will end with a quote from Emily Crockett… “America had a choice between its first woman president and an alleged sexual predator; between “women’s rights are human rights” and “grab ’em by the pussy”; between telling our daughters they can do anything they want, and telling them that anything can be done to them by powerful, entitled men. We know which option America chose.” “The only “bubble” that’s been popped is the one that had some people convinced misogyny was already over, or at least well on its way out the door.”

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“Friends Do Not Take Friends To The United Nations Security Council”

me-5Benjamin Netanyahu is feeling betrayed these days, because the United States did not use its veto to block the United Nations Security Council resolution which states that, “Israel’s settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, have “no legal validity” and constitute a “flagrant violation of international law”. 

I am sure that:

  • the leaders of Great Britain have felt  betrayed throughout the years by Israel’s refusal to live within the terms of the agreement that Great Britain helped force upon the Palestinians.  In reality the majority of the Jews of Europe at that time had about as much right to demand that a homeland be given them in the Middle East, as North American Blacks have to demand that a homeland be given them in Africa today; 
  • Israel through the years has caused the USA and all of the nations that have supported Israel financially, militarily and politically to feel a sense of  betrayal as Israel took their help and used it to become the major cause of death in the Middle East;
  • all of the nations that keep asking for Israel to give back the land in now occupies illegally on the West bank and in east Jerusalem feel betrayed by Israel’s constant refusal to do so;
  • the  nations responsible for the  creation of Israel and its continued protection, at great expense to their nations, are tired of being publicly insulted by Israeli leaders who all too often seem to forget by whose hand they have come to have a homeland in the first place, and without whose continued financial, military and political support, the state of Israel would cease to exist. 

Benjamin Netanyahu does not care:

  • how heinous the documented crimes are that Israel has committed against innocent Muslims;
  • how many innocent people have suffered and continue to suffer under the weight of Israeli oppression;
  • how many civilian targets Israel has intentionally targeted, or how many innocent Muslims were lost as a result of such targeting.

Benjamin Netanyahu does not care about any of these things, because he believes that:

  • there are any no innocent living Muslims; 
  • all Muslims are the enemy of Israel;
  • all Muslim children are enemies of Israel in waiting.
  • this makes all Muslims legitimate military  targets.

 Hitler felt the same way about the European Jews and many other similarities can be drawn that put Israel and its dealings with the Palestinians on the same disgusting page as Nazi Germany.

 To Benjamin Netanyahu:

  • only Israel has the right to defend it’s homeland;
  • Palestinians should forget that Israel was created on land that was once their homeland;
  • any action to get their land back that was stolen from them and given to the European Jews, should be deemed terrorism.

Israeli leaders tend to forget that without:

  • Great Britain and France there would be no Israel;
  • the unconditionally support of Great Britain, France and the USA, Israel could not have survived its first year and without those nations continued financial, military and political support, Israel will fall.

The USA, France and Great Britain are starting to see the monster that they have created in the Middle East.  Israel has broken every treaty it has signed with the Palestinians. Israel has deliberately broken international laws and gotten away with it so often, because of the USA’s veto power on the United Nations Security Council, that they feel betrayed by the USA’s vote abstention.  Israel has made fools of their allies and a mockery out of every decent thought that went into making their dream of a nation a reality. 

Israel has proved what the Palestinians feared and all of their neighbors knew to be true:

  • Israeli leaders would not be satisfied with the land they were given by the west.
  • Israeli leaders would seek to expand the territory they were given based on the claim that you cannot be accused of stealing, when you take back what rightfully is yours in the first place.

The only problem with the land is mine anyway theory is that it based solely on a religious story told in a Jewish holy book. The Palestinians do not believe that God gave the Jews all of the land no matter who was on it.  God cannot be called as a witness to testify that he gave the Jewish people the land.  So how can Israel, or any other nation expect the international community to take seriously any claim of legal and historical right to land occupied by another people based on a self-serving story, found only in that people’s holy book…in this case one written by Jews? Impossible would have to be your response, and yet that is exactly the pretext that was used to give the Jews of Europe a part of Palestine as a homeland, and has allowed for the mess that is now the Middle East.

 Israeli leaders have lied about keeping the east and west occupied lands as safe zones only…not only allowing for Jewish settlements to be built on land, but encouraging such settlements that have “no legal validity” and constitute a “flagrant violation of international law”.

Unconditional support for Israel has emboldened Israeli leaders. Netanyahu has become increasingly brazen in his demeaning rhetoric of the USA and all of Israel’s allies, who feel that they can no longer pretend not to see that Israel is the major impediment to peace in the middle East. So nasty is Netanyahu’s rhetoric against Israel’s benefactors, that ill-informed people might actually believe that the state of Israel no longer requires financial, military and political support to survive in the hell on earth they have helped to create in the Middle East.

Benjamin Netanyahu has demonstrated by his suspension of business with the twelve nations that voted in favor of the resolution that he demands nations claiming to be friends of Israel must be willing to:

  • turn a blind eye to the illegality of settlements;
  • agree that the existence of does not make a two state solution impossible to achieve.

Those on the suspended list are for supporting what he and Israel are calling an anti-Israel resolution are, Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Angola, Uruguay, Senegal, China, Ukraine, Egypt, Spain and New Zealand.

The United Nations Security Council resolution that Netanyahu claims is anti-Israel says, “Israel’s settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, have “no legal validity” and constitute a “flagrant violation of international law”.

If the truth were to be told:

  • The creation of Israel on land belonging to others by the west got the whole mess started in modern times.
  • The west being unwilling, or unable to stop Israel’s illegal expansion has fueled Islamic terrorist reactions.
  • A guilty west affording Israel unconditional support hoping to atone for the holocaust has caused the hatred t racist violence of the Middle East to infest and infect the rest of the world.
  • Israel’s ability to use western guilt to obtain nuclear weapons and defense systems have made them a danger to world peace and stability.
  • Israel is a rogue nuclear state that needs to be disarmed before they do what they said they would if they thought that Israel was in danger of losing a war it not only started, but is fueling the fire to daily.

The efforts to end the Palestinian/Israeli conflict embodies all in modern diplomacy that I detest. When international leaders unconditionally support and protect a nation that they have the power to stop from committing genocide and all manner of crimes against humanity as is the case in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, because of a technicality in terminology, military positioning, or because of some misguided sense of loyalty, I say that they are as guilty of the crimes as the actual perpetrator of them.

Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Angola, Uruguay, Senegal, China, Ukraine, Egypt, Spain and New Zealand, whom Netanyahu has freed from the bondage of doing business with him and Israel should be glad that they have been set free, and released from their previous ill-conceived sense of loyalty and obligation to him and Israel. These listed states should move quickly to distance themselves even further from that maniacal Zionist: turning what was to be temporary political posturing by Netanyahu into a long-term reality for Israel. It is from this freedom that I believe those states listed could continue to do the right thing. The latest UN Security Council resolution was a good beginning, but now they need to hold Israel accountable for its illegal activities which include attempted genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

I must say that I agree with Trump when he said, “such great potential,” but it has become “just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. So sad!”  I agree because for years the UN Security Council has allowed the Israeli/Palestinian situation to continue spreading the tentacles of its self-generating, self-fulfilling hatred and racism out to the four corners of the earth.

The innocent people in the area and internationally are those who suffer the most from problems such as this one. Torture, death, disease, murder and the forced migration of millions of innocent people, are what the world will continue to look like, until the UN Security Council not only passes these resolutions that condemn the actions of Israel and rogue states like them, but does everything in its power to enforce them.

I think that it is time for the United Nations Security Council to use multi nation military force against nations when they receive an official response from a leader of a country in violation of one of its resolutions like that given by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when he said, “Israel rejects this shameful anti-Israel resolution at the UN and will not abide by its terms.” 

Islamic radicalization and acts of  Islamic terrorism around the world are a direct result of  the so-called free world giving an ungrateful, arrogant state of Israel “unconditional” support.

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“Not My President”, Say Some Democrats. “Yes He Is” Says The Law”.

me-5One of the corners stones of democratic governance is that the population of a country must be provided a system by which its citizenry can elect who will govern them. The only guarantee that a democracy affords politicians and private citizenry where government elections are concerned, is that elections be held according to the laws of the country.

We all know this to be true, so why are Americans who are not happy with who won the last presidential election rioting, protesting and looking for ways to get around what was so obviously a fair election according to the laws of the United States of America?  Why are so many Americans saying, “Not my president, “when the law of the land clearly says that he is? A lot of Americans appear to be saying, “We believe in the democratic process, as long as our candidate wins, and is in control of the country”.   

American citizens from all walks of life spout patriotic rhetoric the like of no other citizenry in the free world.  They all insist that the deaths of millions of innocent people caused by the violence of war like disease, starvation and force mass migration are a justifiable price for those people to pay for their freedom and their chance to live under democratic governance.

The facts are:

  • “Americans are dying in foreign lands to enable the citizens of those countries to enjoy the democratic principles, rights and freedoms that every American citizen enjoys,” say American politicians.  
  • American’s in general seem to feel that going to war with a sovereign nation to bring those democratic principles, rights and freedoms is justified. 
  • One such principle and the very corner-stone of democracy is that every eligible American has the right to vote and to be part of the process that will determine who will govern them. 
  • There is nothing in the Constitution of the United States of America that remotely suggests that the losing side of the election, be they politicians, or private citizenry must like the results of an election.

Why endanger the lives of Americans at home and abroad fighting to gain for others the rights and freedoms guaranteed under democratic governance, when it is clear that Americans do not honor and accept the fundamental tenets of electing a government themselves. 

What is it that I am missing about Donald Trump’s victory that made him the next president of the USA? Did something unfair happen that I am aware of like: 

  • Findings of voter fraud?
  • Voters being denied access to polling stations? 
  • Voter intimidation?
  • Proof that the computer systems that were used were hacked into?

If not, then what is with the:

  • protesting, rioting and other forms of civil disobedience?
  • calls for recounts? 
  • the call to overturn the outcome of the election through “Faithless Electors” process?

It is too late and of little value for the anti-Trump voters to march, protest and riot.  All of it only serves to make a mockery out of the democratic process and render moot the whole democratic process. It would appear that Americans have become the joke of the world with the actions of its candidates throughout the election and the actions of its electorate after the election: both groups casting doubt on the legitimacy of the most fundamental part of the democratic process.

The only way in a democracy to insure that your candidate wins an election is through the voting process. Getting the message of your candidate out, registering to vote and then following through by voting for the candidate of your choice.

Disgruntled American citizens who were eligible to vote and did not should have taken President Obama’s advice and voted for Hillary Clinton to show their displeasure with the prospect having to have Donald Trump as president of the country. 

I have little sympathy for American citizen who chose:

  • not to exercise their franchise and now claim to be afraid, or now feel that they have been left behind;  
  • freely to vote for a third-party and candidate they knew had no chance of winning and now see the error of their ways;
  •   to rig the election themselves by engaging in ballot trading;

American presidential elections have for years been won by candidates who are willing to trash their opponents and their families, rather than addressing how they would do better running the country than their opponents. It no longer matters to American voters whether the trash talk is factual, or who has the better plan for the country, because all the American electorate seem to want is a good show. How else could Americans see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears a man seeking to be the next president of the USA, do and say such nasty, mean-spirited things,  and vote for him anyway?

Didn’t Donald Trump:

  • brag about using his celebrity to sexually take advantage of women?
  • brag about not paying his taxes in years?
  • make racist comment about Mexicans and Blacks?
  • say that he would abandon allies on the battlefield?
  • say that he intends to switch sides and work with Assad and Russia; making Russia and Assad the new allies and the coalition the new enemy and support the enemy?
  • make fun of and mock a disabled person?

Donald Trump did all of those things and every American was aware of it, and yet he won the election promising to reveal his secret plan for making America great again only after and if he won the election.

Hillary Clinton lost to Donald partially because she refused to give the American electorate the show they demanded and instead spoke of her plans to keep America great and revealed how she would do it.  The American electorate found her boring, and punished her at the polls for not entertaining them. 

The American voters for the most part said they could not forgive her for not leaving her disgraced husband, choosing to blamed her for his infidelities. They also said with their vote that they did not care that she had dedicated most of her adult life to:

  • improving the lot of minorities;
  • helping children at home and abroad get a good education;
  • negotiating for the betterment of people suffering under oppressive regimes;

The truth is that no matter how loud they chant, “Not my president,” reality and the law says that Donald Trump will be just that and will be that for approximately four more years, unless:

  • he is denied the presidency through the “Faithless Electors” process;
  • he is impeached at some point in time after he takes office;
  • he becomes too sick, dies, or is found unable to continue with his duties as the president;
  • he is assassinated;
  • the people of the USA make use of their 2nd amendment right to bear arms and do what Donald Trump himself suggested they do if Hillary Clinton won the election.

I do not like Donald Trump, but I do love that he took the call from the Taiwanese presidents, and ignored years of hypocritical, failed diplomatic protocol.  It is this sense of overbearing, failing political correctness that has allowed for the starving and slaughtering and mass forced migration of millions of innocent people.  It is the web of lies that has bound those who say they believe in freedom of all people to live in peace and harmony from speaking out against oppression except in polite terms that solve nothing.

Perhaps it is time for the world leaders to say exactly what they mean instead of hiding behind what is referred to as diplomatic protocol. All that diplomatic protocol has done thus far, is bring the world to the brink of Armageddon.  As the Donald would say, “What have we got to lose”!





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Trump’s Victory Should Be a Wake Up Call to Canada and All Nations That Call The USA A Trusted Friend and Ally

me-5Donald Trump’s victory should be a wake up call to Canada as well as all nations that call the USA a trusted friend and ally.  Canada must see that Donald Trump the racist, misogynist, liar and soon to be deserter of American allies, is knowingly what just about half of the forty-two percent of eligible American voters, voted for. (The 42% being those eligible to vote and took the opportunity to vote)  Canada must take the results of the American presidential election as proof that approximately half of the Americans that voted believe in Donald Trump’s vision for making the United States of America great again.  Canada must decide whether it is within our moral and ethical value system to have such a nation as either best friend, or friend at all.

For the last ten years’ Canadian politicians have forced fed Canadians the excuse that our economic dependence and reliance on the USA to defend us stops them from doing what they and we as Canadians know to be right. I believe that the Harper government relinquished Canadian sovereignty to the USA.

I believe that Stephen Harper’s desire to have Canada seen as a warrior nation instead of the peace keeping nation it was when he became the prime minister of Canada, was the main reason for this sellout. The time is now for the Canadian government to free itself from dependence on the USA for everything; undo the Harper era mess and make Canada great again in her own right.

To make Canada great again, I think Canada has to:

  • distance itself from the USA; (like a junkie go cold turkey if necessary)
  • rebuild our armed forces so that we can again defend ourselves; (Even if that means defending ourselves against them.)
  • make trade deals with other nations; (Europe, India, China etc.)
  • start imposing tariff for tariff, until the USA stops using protectionist, unfair trade policies against Canada; (Start by refusing to let any American cars into Canada.)

Donald Trump becoming the next president of the USA reminded me of something my mother told me when I was a boy and then again when I became an adult.  “Son you cannot pick your family, but you can pick your friends”.   It is imperative that Canada rethink its friendship with the USA.  Healthy friendships between people, or nations cannot be one-sided, or based on fear, but must be about the sharing of common values, interests, and a mutual respect for each other.

Canada’s friendship with the USA is not a healthy relationship.

Canadians need to consider before proclaiming our shared values, that the citizenry of the USA just elected for their next president a man who promised during his campaigned to:

  • build a wall between Mexico and the USA;
  • immediately deport or incarcerate millions of illegal Mexican immigrants;
  • tear up NAFTA;
  • withdraws from NATO;
  • become an ally to Russia in Syria, abandoning Canada and its European allies, in the American inspired and led military mission;
  • deny all Muslims entry into the USA.

Canadians need also consider before proclaiming our shared values, that the citizenry of the USA just elected for their next president a man who:

  • is heard on tape saying that he grabbed women’s genitals without their permission;
  • is heard on tape saying that he could not stop himself from kissing women without their permission;
  • is on record bragging that not paying his fair share of taxes in years makes him a genius;
  • has been caught on tape making fun of the disabled;
  • has demanded that a judge recuse himself from sitting on a case, because he was of Mexican heritage;
  • belittled and talk down to a fallen American soldier’s family.

The result of the election outcome rest squarely on the shoulders of the American electorate. The voters of USA are guilty of knowing the ugly facts concerning a candidate running for the presidency of their country, and voting for him anyway.  At least 50 million people in the USA voted for a man who said that his celebrity puts him above the law, and when it does not he uses every underhanded means at his disposal to get around the law. The results of the USA’s presidential election should make Canadians disappointed and ashamed with the citizens of the USA, but it should not send fear throughout the government and population.  If who the American’s elect to be their president can cause such panic and pandemonium in Canada, then I reiterate that Canada needs to distance itself from the USA.

If you are still arguing back and forth about what kind of America Donald Trump wishes to get back to, and feels will make the USA great again, consider his choice and appointment of Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist.

It has been reported in the Daily Beast that Stephen Bannon, typed the phrase, ‘Turn on the hate’.  In 2014 Stephen Bannon while running Breitbart News, (A website that caters to white nationalists), wrote in an email discussing Republican leadership, “Let the grassroots turn on the hate,” “because that’s the only thing that will make them do their duty.”

Donald Trump has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that too many American men have no respect for American women, and too many American women have no respect for themselves.  Americans will have to live with the results of the election because they have no choice, but does this mean that Canadians do as well? I do not think so.

I think that the Canadian government and the Canadian people need to get back to what made Canada great, such as being a nation that:

  • can be trusted not betray, or run out on her allies;
  • prefers the use of diplomacy to settle disputes, only engaging in war as a last resort;
  • gives generously to those who are suffering;
  • welcomes with open arm those in need of refuge regardless of race, culture, religion, or sexual preference.

Voting for Donald Trump was not an American misstep. Americans have been heading for this type of governance since 9/11. Since 9/11 Americans have done little else but export the fear and hatred they have of all Muslims throughout the world.  They have crushed Muslim nations with military force, tracked down and murdered Muslim leaders in their own countries, and murdered innocent Muslim men , women and children in their beds.

It is a sense of superiority that makes the USA believe that it has the right to:

  • use the world court to prosecute others for war crimes, or crimes against humanity, while at the same time refuse to recognize the world court’s authority to pass judgement on them for war crime, or crimes against humanity;
  • can build a wall along its’ borders with Mexico and make the Mexican government pay for it;
  • not repay the money it owes Canada after losing in the world court its final appeal over the softwood lumber dispute;
  • that it can leave its allies fighting in Syria at their behest and go to through their support behind the side they declared the enemy.

What I am getting at is the USA is a failing democracy. Neither its people, or its government can be trusted any longer to do the honorable, or decent thing. What exactly does Canada have in common with the USA?

The USA does not:

  • honor trade deals they make; (NAFTA being one)
  • honor the international treaties and laws governing taking military action against other nations that they are a signatory to.(Opting too often to act in advance of a mandate for the United Nations)
  • wish to be in NATO;
  • believe in diplomacy without a threat of some sort of punishment for non compliance.(You will comply or else  we will impose economic sanctions; take military action against you, or cut of all foreign aid are the tools used in American diplomacy.)

It is time for Canada to recognize what the USA admits openly and freely and that is that the USA always puts itself first in everything that it does. Friends and allies are just expendable pieces on a chess board to be used to better the USA. The USA right now can be neither a trusted friend, nor ally, because it does not understand that there is no I in we.



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Part Five Of: Debunking Canadian Political Rhetoric One Fabrication At A Time

me-5Time to debunk the rhetoric and make it clear that when Canadian politicians and ordinary Canadians state that Black lives matter and have always mattered in Canada, they are telling a bold-faced lie. Historically Canada has misrepresented itself as being an open and accepting place for Black Americans seeking freedom from slavery in the USA.  The fact is that Canadians owned slaves, but very cleverly called them servants. The truth of the matter is that Black lives have never mattered in Canada and probably never will. In this post I will try to explain why I believe this statement to be true.


  • The 1685 Code Noir set the pattern for policing slavery in what was then called New France.  It defined the condition of slavery, and established harsh controls. Slaves had virtually no rights.  The blacks were usually called servants. Death rates among slaves were high.  Canada may have let runaway slaves into Canada, but Canada also allowed for the keeping of slaves, the selling of slaves and the punishing of slaves that ran away. Marie-Joseph Angelique, owned by a widow in Montreal, was one such slave.

In 1759 there were 1,132 recorded Black slaves in New France.

  • In Ontario, the Imperial Act of 1790 assured prospective immigrants that their slaves would remain their property. Canadians living in British regions of Canada during the 17th and 18th century owned Black slaves.

One hundred and four were listed in a 1776 nova Scotia census. 1783 saw that number jump to 2000 black slaves in British controlled Canada. 1200 to the Maritimes (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island), 300 to Lower Canada (Quebec), and 500 to Upper Canada (Ontario).

That not one Canadian politician has ever expressed Canada’s need to officially apologise and seek some form of reconciliation with the descendants of Canadian Black slaves is a pretty good indicator that Black lives did not matter in early Canadian history and their lives continue not to matter in modern Canada either.  Canadian politicians seem to think that because Canada’s role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade was so minor that it is okay just to pretend that it didn’t happen at all.

Afua Cooper, Canadian historian, author and poet states that slavery is “Canada’s best kept secret, locked within the National closet”.

In present day Canada, Canadian politicians and policy makers do not see Black people as a “People”. To Canadian politicians and policy makers this means that Canadian Black people do not exist as political entity. This in turn means that political leaders and policy makers need not concern themselves with vying for the votes of an organized Black voting bloc.   Everything that set Black people apart from everyone else (language, culture, religion, heritage, homeland, and traceable ancestry), was stolen from black people as a result of African Slave Trade and American Slave Trade.  These things are most noticeable to me during election time when politicians are trying to attract voters to vote for them. Politicians:

  • will promise different things on the campaign trail to both sides of the French English debate; trying their hardest not to upset either side enough to lose voter support over  linguistic issue and going as far as to give Quebec a distinct society status.
  • compete for the Jewish, Asian, South Asian, and White vote; realising that they have important issues that need to be addressed.
  • seek to win the upper, lower and middle class vote, but no politician in Canada feels it is necessary to go after the Black vote specifically.

I believe that politicians choose to believe that the interests of the Black voter can be addressed adequately in this category of voter.  Politicians through their actions and lack of action have proven that they believe that there is nothing that sets Canadian Black people apart from all the other voting blocs; the exception to that ideology being color of skin. Canadian Politicians take it for granted that the Black voter will align themselves with the issues of their White counterparts.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke of the need for the government of Canada to be representative of all Canadians and Canada’s rich diversity. To accomplish this, he appointed women, aboriginals and Sikhs to his first cabinet to reflect Canada’s rich diversity. The Prime Minister also chose from the same group of the minority pool to improve the representation and diversity of Canada’s judiciary.

Justin Trudeau for all of his talk about wanting his government and the judiciary to reflect and represent all of Canadians failed to appoint one Black person to his cabinet, or the judiciary.

Is it that Prime minister Justin Trudeau felt that Black people:

  • are not necessary to have in his cabinet to achieve his goal to have the law making process representative and reflective of Canada’s vast diversity?
  • are not necessary to be appointed to any court as judges to achieve his goal to have the courts of law representative and reflective of Canada’s vast diversity?
  • at the time of both sets of appointments there was not one qualified person in either instance qualified to do the job?

This is a further testament that Canadian politicians at the highest of levels of government do not see Black Canadians as a people, or as having any special needs other than those expressed by its White Canadian citizenry. This allows Canadian politicians to pretend that Black Canadians are sufficiently represented within the government and judiciary without the need for an actual Black person to be appointed to a cabinet post or a judicial post.

When was the last time you heard a political leader say, “We really need to reach out to Black people and encourage them to become politicians at all levels of government, because they are not being heard and are underrepresented?”

In closing I would add that as a country we are still debating whether or not:

  • Black Face is a racist form of entertainment;
  • the word Nigger should be removed from official federal and provincial heritage sites;
  • statues, streets, and metro stops should be named after known racist at all, let alone exist in predominately Black neighborhoods.

That Canadians are still debating the pros and cons of these things, shows:

  • the lack of respect that Canadian leaders, politicians and policy makers have for Black people;
  • a lack of understanding of what Black people have had to suffer and endure at the hands of White Canadians;
  • a lack of political will to acknowledge, apologise, reconcile, and compensate the survivors, or the ancestors of those done wrong by in Canada’s past.

This is why I believe that Black lives have never mattered in Canada and probably never will.



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Part Four Of: Debunking Canadian Political Rhetoric One Fabrication At A Time

spike-and-chester-jpg-1me-5There was a time not so long ago that Canada was viewed as a country with a conscience and a set of values of its own; deciding for itself the rights and wrongs of the world…looking nothing like the USA’s snivelling, whiney sidekick of today.

You would have to be living in a cave, totally cut off from the real world, not to have heard a Canadian politician state that the United States of America is Canada’s greatest ally, trading partner and friend? This is one of the most used pieces of Canadian political rhetoric. This statement needs to be shown for the total fabrication that it is.

The belief in this lie has:

  • weakened Canada’s ability to defend itself against the greatest military threat to it in terms of proximity…the United States of America;
  • allowed for the myth that we need the USA as a trading partner, more than it needs us;
  • created the illusion that the United States of America is Canada’s best friend, rather than the bully that lives next door.

Canada’s greatest ally?

The United States of America has always been and continues to be the greatest threat to Canadian sovereignty in the world today.  The government of the  USA feels that it not only has the right to ignore what it considers to be bad Canadian political decisions that might do adversely affect their economy, or pose an obstacle when trying to get a defense system in place, but has an obligation to its citizenry to do so. If the USA was Canada’s greatest ally it would not threaten to violate Canadian air space; Canadian waters, or dispute the validity of what has always been considered Canadian sovereign soil.

Take for example the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) system.

The BMD program had nothing to do with enhancing the security of Canadians and yet Defence Minister Graham admitted that the real reason Canada sign on to the BMD was to accommodate the USA. The USA had threatened that if Canada did not sign on they would simply do it themselves and Canada would not be at the table to agree or disagree if the time came to utilise the system. Threats of compliance or else do not speak to a military alliance, but rather to a greater military force saying join me or be forced into agreement.

Canada’s greatest trading partner?

The USA sees Canada’s sovereignty and borders as a mere formality, and views Canada’s natural resources as theirs to do as they please. The government of  the USA takes neither thing seriously and has proven time and again that no trade deal with Canada will be permitted to unduly influence what they feel is in the best interest of the USA.

NAFTA is a prime example of how the government of the United States of America takes from a trade agreement with Canada what is good for the USA and ignores what it feels runs contrary to the interest of the USA.  Under NAFTA there are rules to settle disputes and the decisions after the final court ruling are supposed to be binding to all stake holders. how is it then that despite Canada winning every appeal in the process the government of the USA to this day refuses to honor the outcome that saw Canada the winner in the Soft Wood Lumber dispute?

The US government now holds over $5 billion in duties extracted from Canadian exporters. Despite Canada having won virtually all the legal actions against the USA under NAFTA and the WTO, the US government has continued to stonewall or simply disregard rulings, and has refused to hand back this money.

If the country that steals from Canada the most is the mitigating factor when determining Canada’s greatest trading partner then yes Canada truly has no greater trading partner than the USA.

Canada’s best friend? Canada as a nation has lost much in terms of honor, self-respect and, self-determination, in its effort to be a good friend to the USA. This is not the way to build a personal friendship and it is not the way to build a friendship between nations either.

When I think of Canada and its relationship with the USA, I am reminded of the relationship between Looney Tune’s cartoon characters “Spike and Chester”.  In this cartoon a little dog named Chester would scamper around a big bulldog named Spike saying, “Can we Spike, huh, can we?” Spike would end up back handing little Chester, sending him reeling backwards. Getting up visibly shaken Chester would say,” Spike is my hero, because he is so big and strong. ”

In a time before Canada became Chester to the USA:

  • Canadians could travel the world without fear of being attacked by anyone, because Canadians were loved and respected;
  • Canada never had to worry about home-grown terrorists, or terrorist’s attacks from abroad, because Canada did not commit terrorist attacks in other countries;
  • Canada’s foreign aid was given with no strings attached;
  • Canada used to welcome refugees, instead locking them up in jail without due process of law;
  • Canada used to be too valuable a friend to ever consider making an enemy of;
  • Canada believed that health care, homelessness and other domestic concerns relating to poverty took priority over balancing the budget;
  • a Canadian was a Canadian.

I do not know if going back to our old Canada is a possibility anymore, but I think that we have got to try, because in some ways Canada was:

  • the sanity in all of the chaos;
  • the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of countries facing seemingly insurmountable problems;
  • the only trusted player in the game of international affairs.

The USA is no friend to Canada and never has been. The USA has no friends, and feels it needs none.  The USA uses nations friendly to it as if they were pawns on a chess board: to be sacrificed as it sees fit in its efforts to fulfill its agenda of global domination.

If there is to be any consolation in all of this, it is that Chester one day does become the hero when Spike is proven to be not so brave, but merely an untested, untried bully.




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