Summer Sights Album

These are some of the sights that I love about summer. I try always to have a camera on hand when working or traveling.  As you will notice I am no professional.  I am just a guy who loves nature and seeing things alive and growing naturally. I find the solitude of a forest, a remote part of a national park helps to relax me and brings out another side of me.  The humming of the insects the smell of the plants the chirping of birds and the crunching of leaves,  branches and twigs under foot are all music to my ears.  It is here in this state that I feel most alive.  This is my first album and it has pictures from several of my posts.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Please feel free to use them, but I would ask that you do not try to sell them or reproduce them to make money without asking my permission.  Please enjoy a walk with me in my solitude.

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