Birds That I Have Found In Canadian Marshes, Wetlands And National Parks

075Ducks, geese, heron, osprey, common terns and belted kingfishers have been the water fowl and aquatic birds that I have seen flying, swimming, hunting, feeding and nesting in and around the national parks in Quebec and Ontario.  I have also seen sea gulls and common terns, some I have been fortunate enough to take pictures of and some not, but all gave me great pleasure to observe in their natural habitat.  I will be sharing  in this page of my album pictures of these water birds that I have had the pleasure of getting a picture of in various stages of their daily and seasonal routine as they apply to the time they are in the parks that I visited.  I hope that in seeing the birds and animals in these type of pictures that every Canadian will get on board and demand that all governments protect these animals natural habitat from developers seeking to build housing shopping malls, golf courses, dams and anything that would see this limited animal habitat diminished in any way.  It is clear that the Canadian government in the last few years has shifted its policies governing the environment and has declared its priority the economy and I wonder with all of the changes in law how much of what I have been able to take pictures of will be there for the next generation.

Robins, jays, woodpeckers and owls are found in the wooded areas and flying from reed to reed and their nest are just a work of art, but all this will vanish so if we the citizens the one’s government says they are destroying this habitat for say no we do not want this we want the animals to live in the open, in the wild free in their natural habitat as they were meant to do.  These are some of the pictures I was able to take and I hope are still there for my children’s children, but we must act now!

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