Things Found On The Forest Floor

069When I think about things on the forest floor it is with a degree of sadness. Except for those who study these things the average person pays little attention to the plants, insects that live on or just below the forest floor.  The moss the lichens the worms the slugs the snails, the rotting logs, fallen branches and how all of these  figure in the scheme of life providing food, shelter and irrigation and keeping the forest clean.  Well for a long time I have been snapping shots with my camera and taking pictures of what most people do not, as way to express how I feel about everything in life having a purpose, none more important than the other whether they be big or small and will share them with you. Nature is like a puzzle lose even the smallest of pieces and the puzzle can not be completed.  In a puzzle we see what is missing and maybe able to replace the piece; in nature however once a piece is lost it is lost forever and we have lost too many pieces already.  The next time you are walking in the forest look down and see what you are missing, or stepping on without care.

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