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Harper Government Says Not Our Problem / Aveos Closes Its Doors / 2600 workers Out Of Work

I believe that the only people who did not have a choice in how things went in this whole Air Canada, Canadian Government and Aveos bungled affair, were the employees of Air Canada the crown corporation when it was privatized and subsequently everything that happened after that fact and they are the only ones suffering today as government Air Canada And Aveos all take turns saying they are not to blame, it is the other guy. Continue reading

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Goodbye Occupy Protests Of The World And Goodbye To Democracy And Our Right To Protest

A crowd of people stood watching in silence not really showing any emotion and I thought to myself how sad. I wondered were there any post office workers among them, or maybe some Air Canada employees in the crowd? Striking is just another form of protesting people and if you stood there thinking how right the government was shutting this protest down it is with the same reasoning and lack of respect for democracy that they shut down your strike, your protest as well. Continue reading

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Lisa Raitt Says, The Harper Government Will Tolerate No More Strikes In Canada, Because They Are Bad For The Economy

I think it is time to strike for the freedom to negotiate working conditions; strike for democracy and strike for a right to be heard by our government. Continue reading

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