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Does A Sovereign Nation Have The Right To Make Being Gay Illegal?

I read in a book somewhere in a book I know longer know the name of, a part of a conversation that touched me and it went like this, ‘Honor, courtesy and justice… they are not real. We all pretend to have them and hold them up like shields, but they guard only folk that carry the same shields. Against those who have discarded them they are no shields at all, but only additional weapons to be used against them”. Continue reading

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Canada’s Two Clowns, Harper And Baird Take Their Show On The Road

No one wins in a war and only the most trusted nations and most trust worthy leaders in the world can put and end to senseless war with common sense diplomacy. Canada used to be one such nation before the two clowns Harper and Baird decided to take their comedy routine on the road. Continue reading

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The Calls For Help And Regime Change From Russia Will Go Unheard While We Aid In The Ousting Of Yet Another Muslim Leader

I have been hearing a pretty loud cry from Russia where they are protesting against tyranny right now and the people in the streets are crying out for help, but will they get it from sanctimonious John Baird and company? I think not, because we no longer fight for freedom where the victory is not a certainty and the majority of blood shed and loss of life is not the other guys. I have stated many times in many a post that the evidence does not point to this as being a war on tyranny, or a fight to save the oppressed, but rather the evidence points to a religious war designed to rid the world of the Muslim faith and way of life. Continue reading

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