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Obama Cannot Be A Black Man And Be The President Of The United States Of America

I find it demeaning and insulting that because Barrack Obama is black that everybody seems to think that he will lean one way more than the other when there was no such worry for all of the other white presidents before him. Continue reading

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Black Baseball Player Arrested In USA For Name Calling

I want and I think that all persecuted people want the same protection from hate under the law as the Jewish people have in America. I want a name put to the crime and the crime of anti-Semitism stricken from the law, because under the new definition of hate crimes, anti semitic behaviour will be dealt with in the same manner and considered the same as any other action, or verbal onslaught considered racist, and hateful; using the guidelines by which we in determining anti semitic behaviour today. Continue reading

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What Makes You A Racist In Canada / Is It A Crime To be One / How Do We End It?

My mother once told me, ” Son try to make a friend out of an enemy. If you do this your once enemy will forever be your friend. If you do him the same wrong, or worse he will forever be your enemy and the two of you will gain nothing.” Continue reading

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