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Canada’s Most Fragile People Will Miss The Penny

Now Jeff will not be the only person to suffer, but like most of the things that happen to the poor you will no longer see it covered in the news, because who cares about a penny; who cares about the poor, after all it is just a penny! Continue reading

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Canada Pension Plan Nothing But Another Shell Game

I will survive this as I have survived everything else that the governments of Canada have thrown at me, but the question still remains for me and all Canadians why do we have to? Where is our money and if there were bad investments, or negligence ,of the fund why not just say it? Are you not as sick as I am to hear this government tell us now that we must do more and that somehow we have not done what is necessary to prepare for our retirement. The average person is taxed to the point where there is nothing left to save for a rainy day, everything cost so much; the price of everything is sky rocketing, like rent, utilities, food and fuel and we are told to save more. I do not know how you feel, but I am tired of paying into government programs that are no more than a shells game.
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Moving Day Will Be Upon Us Soon Beware Of Unprofessional Movers Like Service Direct B N Transport P In Montreal

When it is time for your move, you will want and deserve a person, or company that is honest from the beginning to the end; a company or person who treats you with respect and carries themselves with respect from the 1st phone call, until they shake your hand at the end of the job. What you do not need in this time of belt-tightening and stress is what just happened to my daughter with her move and her mover. Continue reading

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Why Are Canada’s Welfare And Unemployment Agencies Allowed To Cut A Recipients Assistance Based Soley On Anonymous Caller Information?

I know that the argument can be made that if anonymity is not allowed and then respected that people will not make the call when they see fraudsetrs, but I believe that in its eagerness to catch a few fraudsters the governments of Canada has opened themselves up to be used as a weapon of revenge by unscrupulous people and cowards. Continue reading

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Why Must The Equation Of Supply + Demand Always = Greed,

Something has been on my mind for a long time and when that happens you know that I feel compelled to share it with you, so here goes.  Can someone tell me why does the equation of, supply + demand = … Continue reading

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News Is No Longer Off The Rack, It IsTailor-Made

It is this tuning out that concerns me today, because it has the media as we know it behaving like whores on a street trying to sell us what we want to hear as long as we are willing to pay for the price of the ride.
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Moving Day Comes And Goes In Quebec And Quebecers Handled It Well!

Now some would say that because the day was switched to because of a Jérôme Choquette of the Quebec Liberal Party, that it was not a Separatist plot at all to make the Canada celebrations less, but a way to ease the pressures and stresses on the children attending school. Well I still ask why not August 1st? Let us not forget that it was Quebec Liberals that gave us Bill 101 and we all know what was behind that.

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