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Everyday Should be Remembrance Day / We Owe Our Veterans So Much And Yet We Abandon Them And Their Families

I would just like to say thank you to all of Canadian soldiers for all that they have done for what they are doing and for what they will be called upon to do. I would also like to say thank you to the families and send out a prayer for all that you have suffered in the past, all you are suffering now and all you will be asked to suffer and endure in the future. God Bless you all. May you all find peace and comfort in God’s embrace, until the time comes that the need to go to war is no more. Continue reading

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Peace Through War / Canada’s Impossible Mission Objective

We have become so used to claiming victory, because we have killed enough of the other people that they give up that we have forgotten how to talk. We are so used to lying about why we kill others that we actually believe our own spin. Continue reading

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F-35 Fighter Jet, Hercules Aircraft Both Acquisitions Prove That Harper Government Incapable Of Governing This Country

Never has a government of Canada intentionally allowed aircraft with faulty parts to be flown by, or transport our men and women in the armed forces when not in an emergency war situation, before this Harper led conservative government. Continue reading

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Conservatives Back Peddling As F-35 Jet Fighter Procurement Problems Once Again Come To Light

This might even be considered by some just good political one up man ship, but when the lives of our military are on the line and in these hard economic times when we are being forced to go without some of the most basic of things and we are being told by this government to tighten our belts, how dare they pull off this type of fiasco, that will cost Canadians billions of dollars and still leave our air force pilots flying dangerous missions in outdated aircraft Continue reading

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Brown Faced Video In Bad Taste Says Peter Mackay / Military Personnel Are Not Perfect

We as a country, a government and especially as a people cannot let the world think that we believe that a little prejudice, a little bigotry and a little racial and religious intolerance is acceptable and understandable if it is directed at a perceived enemy, or a certain people.
Continue reading

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Canada’s Parliamentary Secretaries To The Ministers Proving To Be As Arrogant And Smug As Their Bosses

There is a dangerous pattern developing and has been developing in the last five years of the Harper led government to be arrogant, condescending and plainly non transparent when it comes to the sharing of official information on how and why it is doing things. The pat answers that have become their speciality show their contempt for parliament, the laws of this country and the people of Canada. Continue reading

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Clean Up Not In Army Job Discription Says Toews To Flooded Quebecers

Harper, Toews and Mackay have all lost their minds, saying that the duty of the Canadian army is not to help clean up or assist these poor people of the Eastern townships in any way that they possibly could. I am all for foreign aid, but it only in foreign countries that our army and military can help to clean up, help to build and restore communities, or is it that we can only help rebuild what we have flattened with bombs?. Continue reading

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