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Canada Can’t Change Its Bad Behavior Or Make Things Better, While Espousing Revisionist History and Engaging in Hypocrisy

Canada could be all that it its citizens and leaders imagine it to be, but all its people would have to stop lying to themselves and the rest of the world.  Canadian leaders boast falsely to its citizens and those … Continue reading

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I Have Weighed Canada On The Balances And Have Found Her Wanting

Canada must be found wanting when the majority of Canadians have no problem justifying their ancestors’ role in creating the nation of Canada. Continue reading

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I Think The Conservative Government Bought A Bloc Of Voters For A Few Conssessions

This is how I think that a whole race of people was in my opinion moved as a voting bloc, to turn from a LIberal bloc to a Conservative bloc of voters, but there was more that they needed to seal the deal and it has just reached the surface and burst open allowing its stench to permeate the air like a bubble bursting in a cess pool.
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