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The Greatest Stories Never Finished / Trying To Follow Canadian News

I think that for the most part the problem is that we as Canadians are known for taking everything in stride and not wanting to make waves for our government or anything else. We take most things that happen with a shrug of the shoulders and see people who complain too much as trouble makers, anarchists and not really Canadians. Continue reading

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Where Have the Headline Stories Of Yesterday Gone

Is the press afraid that they could be the next to be targeted and ordered about if they make it known that they do not support this government’s lunatic ways? I would understand this reasoning, because everyone that has stood up to this government since it got itself elected has been made to suffer. Continue reading

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No Tough Questions In This Campaign For Mr. Harper And His Conservative Party

I will admit that it is a little hard to ask tough questions of a candidate when he stacks the room with only people loyal to him and his political party and refuses to take any questions after his political ramble, … Continue reading

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