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Why Do Good, Decent, Smart And Usually Sensitive People Spank Children?

Instead of measuring what is tolerable violence when dealing with children would it not be better and wiser just to fore go the violence all together and use alternative means of discipline like we do with adults? Continue reading

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Childhood Memories Shape The World That We live In

Family times should be filled with discussion on all topics, political theories, social values, economic realities, environmental issues and concerns respect and tolerance for all people no matter how different from us they appear to be, because it is in our collective memories that the world of today and tomorrow are shaped. Continue reading

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Telling Your Child You Never Loved Them

Oh moms will go to court and fight for custody out of a sense of doing what is right or they feel obligated to do so, or want to look right to their family, friends and the rest of society, but it is not a burden of love. It is at this point that the mom thinks that the child owes them for their sacrifice and when the child is not suitably grateful they deem the child selfish and we see the story of my daughter and her mom come into play. Continue reading

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It Sucks To Be A Teenager And It Always Has Been So But It Does Not Have To Ruin Your Life

when I looked around the years had passed me by, the urgency of the cause was gone and I was just another uneducated black guy, with no job prospects, with a baby and girlfriend to support at 19 years old. Going back to school was not an option and so dreams of being a doctor, lawyer and even owning a store went out the window, along with me ever reaching my true potential. Continue reading

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Just Trying To Escape The Pain, The Hurt, The Fear And The Hopelessness

I have secretly thought of my younger years and my behaviour back then as that of a frightened rat, backed into a corner. They make alley ways, or runways in buildings for rats so that they can escape when frightened by approaching humans, looking for files and such in rooms in sub basements. They do this because a frightened trapped rat will jump up to 5 feet, sometimes more to bite what it feels frightened of and trapped by. I felt trapped and very much like that trapped rat backed into a corner with no way out. Continue reading

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Male Or Female, Consensual Or Not, Adults Having Sex With Minor Children Is Rape In Canada, Or Is It?

Oh we have safe the children this and save the children that, but what has actually been accomplished by the political will of a single Prime Minister to make the lives of children and women safer? Continue reading

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Canadian Election Rhetoric Offers Nothing For the Vulnerable

As we enter the home stretch and get ready to vote I would ask you to consider who answered the questions you as a Canadian asked honestly and openly. Who best represents the way you wish to be governed.  I for one found … Continue reading

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