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Once We Were Known As The Fearless Canucks Now We Are Afraid Of Everything And Everyone

This is who the Fearless Canucks have become. We wage war much like the Americans seeking to kill from far away with no concern for who we kill as long as it does not result in any real hand to hand fighting where our soldiers could be killed in large numbers; when this happens voters start to demand the end of the mission, but keep the death count down and your voters will idealistically think they are saving the world and that the war is a fight worth fighting. Continue reading

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These Are Our Children Not Collateral Damage In Someone’s Demented Personal Statement

What happened to those poor children and adults in that school and al of the people who have met death in a similar way my heart aches for them. To have their lives snatched from them and their families, is just so sad and so pointless. Then I get angry because I know it is only a matter of time before somebody commits another copy cat mass murder. I call it this, because this is what it is and the Nations willingness to allow for and make acceptable collateral damage in its quest for a successful mission and to make a point is what is being copied, by certain citizens.
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