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Rise / Don’t Hate Just Appreciate (A Video From The Hood By Children And People From The Hood)

This was one of the most touching videos that I have seen in a long time. Please pass out the link after you have watched this video. The people who took part in the making of this video are trying to do something worthwhile and I thing their message is a good one and is in need of each and every one of our support. Great job all of you, you have done yourselves proud and your community a great service and I thank you. Continue reading

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I Will Have To Take Your Camera Says Welcome Hall Mission Volunteer

I understand the right to privacy, but places like the Welcome Hall Mission need to understand that they are part of a large community and what they do in their place, their building affects the whole neighbourhood. If these men are indeed ex-cons as I know a lot of them are and they are getting help there that is all good, but this kind of sanctioned heavy-handed treatment of people does not dot The Welcome Hall Mission, or the people they are trying to help any good. Continue reading

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