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Archemdis An Average Canadian Citizen Thinks That The Conservative Government Of Canada Is Just So Wrong!

I liked the Canada that took care of its elderly, sick, homeless and most fragile of people. I liked the Canada that respected the right of it citizens to strike and collectively bargain no matter how inconvenient it was for the country’s economic plan. Continue reading

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Canada Was Founded On A Racist Premise And Not Much Has Changed

Let our eyes be opened as well as our hearts and minds so that are as a country able once again to see, feel and know that true peace and true prosperity can only be achieved when we see others as equals and worthy of respect, self-determination and sovereignty. This is once was how Canada and Canadians used to think even though we as a country and a people did fall short of our goals. I think that this is how Canada needs to think again and must try even harder to reach their goals for a world of peace, harmony and prosperity. Continue reading

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Jason Kenney Strikes Again… Immigration Changes Gives Control Over Who Gets Into Canada To The Provinces And Business Owners

This government does not even care if you have already been waiting and did not jump the system, they are going to toss your application in the trash if no business wants you and they feel that you will not be able to prosper here. Continue reading

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I Did Not Forget Rememberance Day / I Am Thankful Everyday

Our government has treated our veterans in a shameless way. So this year in a personal protest I bought my poppy and said a prayer for the fallen and the living veterans of Canada and the many veterans all over the world and their families. I prayed for an end to all of these senseless wars and the killing and suffering that wars bring. I prayed for peace and the end of war so that there would be no need for veterans and widows of war and the crippling effects of war. I prayed for the day that there would be no longer a need for Veterans Affairs, in my house, alone. Continue reading

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Lisa Raitt Says, The Harper Government Will Tolerate No More Strikes In Canada, Because They Are Bad For The Economy

I think it is time to strike for the freedom to negotiate working conditions; strike for democracy and strike for a right to be heard by our government. Continue reading

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Safe Streets And Communities Act / Bill C- 10

Right now with this approach Mr. Harper has declared war on the poor, the homeless and the mentally ill. It is a war that can not be won, because we are entering this world at a far greater rate then the rich. We did not get here on our own, the rich made us to do their grunt work and kept us here, because the world and their egos can not function without us, but we grow tired of the abuse, the neglect and the broken promises. Continue reading

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Canada What Will It Take To Open Up Your Eyes?

I think that for the first time in Canadian history, Canada has a Prime Minister that does not care about anything, or anybody. I think that this is the first time that Canada has a Prime Minister in power that does not have a conscience. I think that this is the first time that Canada has a Prime Minister that does not care about personal wealth or the wealth of his citizens, because all of his interests are in having and acquiring more power. Continue reading

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