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Attack Ads Harper Government’s Only Answer To Trudeau Popularity

If life is not what you make it, but what you settle for and we apply this to Canada, I believe that this country is in trouble. Canadians make it possible for bad government to get into power and settle for politicians whose only agenda is who they will attack, fire and get rid of through innuendo, inferences, gossip and even malicious lies and character assignations, because we see this behaviour now as the norm and just good politicking. Continue reading

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Why Do Opposition Parties Bother To Go To Work On The Hill These Days?

I listened to the debate and was astonished at just how much power Stephen Harper and all Canadian Prime Ministers enjoy and just how much power he is grabbing by giving it to his cabinet ministers who serve only at his pleasure and must do what he says regardless of how they feel if they wish to remain in cabinet and even in caucus. Continue reading

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Is There Not One Political Party, One Politician, One Level Of Government, That Canadians Can Put Their Trust In?

All of the various levels of government claim to have our best interests at heart and want what is best for us, but I can not see it Continue reading

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Do We Know Who We Are Voting For, Or Are Canadians Making Ill Informed Decisions

What was expected of a politician like to serve the people, to be honest, trust worthy and law-abiding has been reversed and all that Canadians expect from their politicians is the worst and so when they act poorly it ceases to matter as Canadians say so what they are politicians and they are all the same. Continue reading

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The Deportation Of Paola Ortiz From Canada / Harper Government Says The Abuse Of Paola Ortiz Not A Canadian Problem

How long is Canada going to allow this dictator and his cronies to hunt down otherwise innocent, decent people and deport them back to certain danger and death? What will Canada say to her children if she ends up dead? If this does not prove that this Prime Minister does not have a heart I do not know what does. Continue reading

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Hydro Quebec Forcing People To Pay Bill Of Previous Tenant Or Face Power Cancelation

Please be very careful and take note of this new Hydro Quebec form of extortion during this moving season, especially if you are moving into an apartment. If you do not want to pay for someone else’s overdue hydro bill, you must make sure that the last tennant does not owe any money before you move in, or shortly after you move in this could happen to you! Continue reading

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David and Goliath / Install then Make Fall The Way Of The Western Alliance

Denmark Watching CPAC and rereading what I have written on the Western Alliance‘s and the State of Israel‘s actions of late, I realised that I did not have very much good to say about Canada’s role in the aiding and … Continue reading

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