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School Bullies Are Not Born Bullies They Are By – Products Of Who We Are And What We believe

When was the last time you taught your children some good old fashion hate based on the color of someones skin. Told your daughter that she could play with little Amid, but should marry within her own race and religion if she wanted to be happy? When was the last time you discussed the Middle East problem and called all Muslims extremists, responsible for 9/11 and did your part spread Islamaphobia throughout the world, your neighborhood, your school system? When was the last time you made reference to Jews being misers and money hoarders, just out to make a buck? When was the last time that you blamed East Indians, Chinese people and people of Pakistani decent for taking over all of the small business in a small area and voiced your desire to see them sent back to where they came from around your children? all this promotes the bullying crisis we find in our schools today and we do it without thinking. We do it everyday, every time we seek to put ourselves above another person and attempt to justify our prejudices to our children. Continue reading

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Why Are Canadians Young And Old Using Violence To Solve Their Problems?

I think that it is an unreasonable assumption and an unreasonable demand that a government who rejects diplomacy and promotes violence when settling its problems would expect it’s population not to do the same. I contend that Canadians young and old are using violence to settle more and more of their disputes on a regular basis, because they are following the lead of their government. Continue reading

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