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Canadian Voters Need To Stop Voting For Paper Canadidates/Sacrificial Candidates

Is it fair to the Canada’s voting population and to the candidates themselves to have political parties like the New Democratic Party, both provincially and federally make it practice to run paper candidates/sacrificial candidates in elections, or is it an abuse of the electoral system?

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NDP Screams Off With His Head / Dean Del Mastro Offered Up By Harper To Appease The Angry Masses

As I watched the red-eyed, drippy nosed parliamentary secretary to the prime minister of Canada talk about how the investigation by elections Canada was hurting his family, I had to wonder why he was bringing that up? Continue reading

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Harper Says It Is Never Me / The Liberal’s Made Phone Calls PBO Can’t Count And We Accept The Auditor General’s Recommendations

This government keeps saying that the water that they swim in is pristine and their government is not a polluted river, but fail to explain why dead rotting fish keep ending up on their beach daily. Continue reading

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Canada Am I Wrong About The Harper Government?

Is it wrong of me to want to be governed by the government that was elected to do so by the citizens of this country and not by another country such as the United States of America? Is it wrong … Continue reading

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