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Her Highness Pauline Marois The First of Quebec Plans To Introduce A Charter of Quebec Values

With the proclamation by Her Highness Pauline Marois The First of Quebec, that she plans to introduce what she is calling A Charter of Quebec Values, I say that she is opening the door and inciting the very bomb throwing, people fighting in the streets that she says she is trying to avoid with her Charter of Quebec Values. Continue reading

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Israel The Spoiled Child Attacking Passing Ships In International Waters Using The Protection Of Daddy’s Influence And Holding On To Mommy’s Apron Strings For Support

Israel’s promise to cease and desist such activities and lessen the strangle hold it has put in place around Gaza was that of an obese candy loving child who sits at a table full of all of its favorite candies and promises not to eat any. Continue reading

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A Visit To Kingston In The Summertime

From the Costco where I bought my new video camera to the people in the ice cream, parlour and the lady who sold me the paintings I would like to say what a delight you are, how courteous you are and how easy you made it for a person like me to spend a day in your city. I would encourage all who like to travel to spend at the very least one day in Kingston Ontario Continue reading

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City of Montreal Stops Action After Condemning A Building

The north wall of the house has fallen off with the underlying bricks and corner stones showing horribly twisted and the city of Montreal’s solution was to put a barrier of no parking signs in the street, but there is nothing to stop a pedestrian from walking right past it on the side-walk.
Continue reading

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