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His Royal Highness Stephen Harper The First Of Canada Extends Vacation For His Court (Royal)

With his decision to prorogue parliament for a record-breaking 4th time and to keep parliament from sitting while writing his throne speech, his Royal Highness Stephen Harper The First Of Canada extends vacation for his court(royal), but not to his subjects (The average working stiffs in Canada); in fact they have to work longer before being able to retire, by his royal command. Continue reading

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Are We An Ignorant People, Slow To Grasp Things, Mentally Incompetent An Unable To Determine What Is Good For Us?

How could we be anything else but a country full of ignorant people, slow to grasp things, mentally incompetent and unable to determine what is good for us, if we just stand by and accept all this as okay as just politics in Canada as usual without putting up the slightest of objections? Continue reading

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Thank Goodness I Do Not Have To Pretend!

This is a government that needs to be protested at every turn and the world needs to know that as soon is it is legally possible we as a nation will be removing this democratic farce now running things and go back to the Canada that was loved by all Canadians and most of the world; a loving, caring decent Canada.” Continue reading

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Moving Beyond the Indian Act Not On The Table For Harper And The Government Of Canada

We as Canadians have been sold on the idea from the Canadian government that doing the right thing morally and legally is something we do not have to do if in the end it does not get us the result that we seek and that somehow with the passage of time the truth somehow will change and what was once illegal will become legal, what was once and immoral act will somehow become morally right and what was once unjustifiable will somehow with the passage of time justify itself. Continue reading

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Stephen Harper, Prime Minister Of Canada Succeeds! There Are Now Officially Two Kinds Of Canadians / Which Kind Are You?

Being Canadian to me, means being willing to grow and appreciate all of the difference in our food, religion and dress and our individual cultures and blend them all together, not allowing them to drive us apart. The ability to put people, before money, peace ahead of war and charity above the amassing of personal wealth, embodied what being a Canadian was all about. I believe Mr. Harper and his government are wrong and in their attempt to make Canada great and stand out has cheapened us and took away what made us distinct in the world, respected and admired. Mr. Harper has divided the Canadian house against itself and everyone knows what happens to a house divided. A house divided cannot stand. Continue reading

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Health Care Is The Problem Of The Provinces Says Harper / What Was Promised Under Duress During An Election Does Not Count

It is like the Harper intent is to commit genocide and the object of this genocide are the poor people of Canada. Maybe in the next election campaign, he will use this strategy to explain to voters how he and his party did their part in wiping out poverty and the harm it does, by culling the herd with measures like this one. Maybe he will seek another majority government based on all of the money he has been able to save without touching the pockets of real Canadians? It is hard to say what is in this mans head, but his intentions are crystal clear; Harper intends to wipe out poverty not by bringing up the standard of living of the poor, but by wiping them out like he is doing to the Liberal Party. Continue reading

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The Absolute Power Of A Majority Government Could Be Used To Do Good But Political Will Is Not There

Why does our Canadian government choose to ignore the suffering of its people, when it could use the power of a majority government to do so much good? Continue reading

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Canada’s First Nations People Sentenced To Slow and Painful Death By Canadian Apathy

I would like to just remind Canadians as we prepare for Christmas and all that it means to us and all that we will share with our families that there are other like our First Nations People who will not be having such a great time and for whom Christmas time represents hardships not even imaginable by most Canadians. Continue reading

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Canada’s Parliamentary Secretaries To The Ministers Proving To Be As Arrogant And Smug As Their Bosses

There is a dangerous pattern developing and has been developing in the last five years of the Harper led government to be arrogant, condescending and plainly non transparent when it comes to the sharing of official information on how and why it is doing things. The pat answers that have become their speciality show their contempt for parliament, the laws of this country and the people of Canada. Continue reading

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Nothing For First Nations People, The Metis, Or The Inuit Of Canada Except Empty Promises

We have forcefully taken away from this people all that they were and have altered all that they knew so that they can no longer return to their simple way of living, but deny them to this very day the tools like a guaranteed education, clean drinking water, decent housing and some of the land that was promised to them by countless governments of all political stripes. Continue reading

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