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Moving Beyond the Indian Act Not On The Table For Harper And The Government Of Canada

We as Canadians have been sold on the idea from the Canadian government that doing the right thing morally and legally is something we do not have to do if in the end it does not get us the result that we seek and that somehow with the passage of time the truth somehow will change and what was once illegal will become legal, what was once and immoral act will somehow become morally right and what was once unjustifiable will somehow with the passage of time justify itself. Continue reading

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Canada’s First Nations People Sentenced To Slow and Painful Death By Canadian Apathy

I would like to just remind Canadians as we prepare for Christmas and all that it means to us and all that we will share with our families that there are other like our First Nations People who will not be having such a great time and for whom Christmas time represents hardships not even imaginable by most Canadians. Continue reading

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