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LGBT Community to Get An Official Apology from The Federal Government! Still No Official Apology for Canadian Black Citizens

All that the Afro-Canadian Black once was, was forcefully taken from them: replaced even in freedom by those of the White masters. It is historical fact that the Canadian government took an active role in what was going on. Continue reading

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“Friends Do Not Take Friends To The United Nations Security Council”

I must say that I agree with Trump when he said, “such great potential,” but it has become “just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. So sad!”  Continue reading

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Should The Sins Of The Father Ever Be Forgotten?

I believe that until people are just seen as people there can be no peace and the world with its rapid information highway (the internet), its nuclear ability to destroy the world and its biological warfare capability will remain on a course of the total obliteration of all mankind. Continue reading

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Reconciliation Will Never Be More Than An Unrealised Dream

I feel that something needs to be done, but like most Canadians aboriginal and non aboriginal, I honestly do not know what to do to fix things. Continue reading

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The Creation Of Israel And Its Future Has Nothing To Do With God And Everything To Do With Treacherous Men

Is it possible that Benjamin Netanyahu is acting from a place of hatred when dealing with the Palestinians and is using the situation in the Middle East to get revenge for the death of his eldest brother Yoni who was killed while commanding the 1976 Entebbe rescue operation to free the passengers of an Air France airliner held hostage in Uganda? Continue reading

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Canada Has A Double Standard When It Comes To Determining What Constitutes Hate Motivated Crimes And How To Deal With Them

Canada is a country which was founded on racism and intolerance and continues to enact laws that are racist and intolerant where hate crimes, intolerance of others and equal justice for all is concerned by the fact the laws they enact seek to make one form of racism more serious and hurtful than that of another, because of who that racism is being directed at. Continue reading

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Except For The Weapons They Utilise I See No Difference Between Islam And Christianity, The Western Alliance And ISIS

I see little difference between what the Western Alliance is doing and what ISIS, is doing. I see the same old war, being fought over the same reasons, with both sides trying to claim the high moral ground as the death toll of the innocent caught in the middle continues to escalate. Continue reading

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