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Enter Computerized Business Exit Honesty Transparency And Service

I find that this is a problem with honesty when it comes to some companies that provide access to the internet as well, making it really hard to trust any of them. Continue reading

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Golf Manitou Reneges On Online Special Offer And Down Grades Offer With No Warning And No Refund

I wondered to myself just how many people Golf Manitou and its representatives had ripped off in this way and why any business would put their reputation, and online business in jeopardy for 2 hotdogs, 2 drinks and 2 golf hats, or a value of approximately $33.00. This type of behavior that Golf Manitou engaged in is not only bad business for Golf Manitou, but it puts a dark mark on anyone trying to do business and advanced paid sales online and I feel it is just plain tacky. Continue reading

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Golfing For The Love Of Children In The Batshaw Golf Tournament At The Bonniebrook Golf Club

This tournament is not about winning something expensive, this tournament is about love and the need to do something for troubled youth. This tournament is about getting involved. This tournament is about backing up what you talk about with action at a very basic, down to earth street level kind of way. Continue reading

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Tiger Woods Drops To 20th In World / Americas Prayers Are Answered

What was normally a matter between husband and wife was made to be seen as a threat to golf, the nation and our children. There were calls made to cancel his sponsorships and the sponsors dropped him. If this is what you feel was right and that he got what he deserved so be it, but I do not agree. Golf is a game of concentration and golf broke his. Take a bow America you have won.
Continue reading

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Mr. Woods / The Tiger Who Dared

Tiger Woods Average?       Has Tiger Woods been reduced to the status of the average player I see headlining the news? I say that Tiger Woods play will never be average.  At his best he is simply the best golfer in the … Continue reading

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