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We The People Of Canada Are The Solution To Crown Corporations Bad Treatment Of Our Less Fortunate Citizens

It is your and my tax dollars that are being taken and used for building more dams and funding projects to aid in the selling of our hydro-electric power to our neighbors in the USA. I know that these projects are supposed to generate revenue for Canada and thereby help all Canadians, but if this is true why is it not possible to ensure that at least through the winter months that all Canadians have electricity and that all people have the capability of heating the home? Continue reading

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Mail Being Delivered In Canada But Postal Dispute Far From Settled!

I listened as they quoted from e-mails from constituents angered at not getting their mail and I listened to them read off e-mails from mail persons saying they were threatened and were not allowed to vote by their unions whether or not they wanted to continue the strike and then I said , “So what?” Who cares this is not the point and Canadians better come to grips with the facts Continue reading

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