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Why Is Priority Given To The Opioid Crisis While Other Canadians Asked To Wait Patiently For Help?

Canadians need to remember that when a politician says there is no money to fund something, what they are really saying is that there is no political value in helping you. Continue reading

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LGBT Community to Get An Official Apology from The Federal Government! Still No Official Apology for Canadian Black Citizens

All that the Afro-Canadian Black once was, was forcefully taken from them: replaced even in freedom by those of the White masters. It is historical fact that the Canadian government took an active role in what was going on. Continue reading

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“Not My President”, Say Some Democrats. “Yes He Is” Says The Law”.

One of the corners stones of democratic governance is that the population of a country must be provided a system by which its citizenry can elect who will govern them. The only guarantee that a democracy affords politicians and private … Continue reading

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Trump’s Victory Should Be a Wake Up Call to Canada and All Nations That Call The USA A Trusted Friend and Ally

The USA right now can be neither a trusted friend, nor ally, because it does not understand that there is no I in we. Continue reading

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Why Are Young People Of The West Becoming ISIL’S Fifth Wave?

This is a war that can only be won by acknowledgement of wrong doing, and a righting of wrongs.  Continue reading

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Debunking Canadian Political Rhetoric One Fabrication At A Time

“Canada is better off together than apart”, has been the mantra used by every federalist, to persuade the Canadian voter to ignore the failure of confederation, and vote no to provincial attempts to separate themselves from the rest of Canada. Continue reading

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Of Heroes, Cowards, And Barbarians / Justice, Honour, And Civilised Cultures

We must all be cognizant, and never los sight of the fact, that there is a way to fight a war, that does not require the most modern of weaponry, and does not require the use of weapons capable of mass destruction. Continue reading

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