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Liam And Grandpa Go To The Park / A Love Story

I did get scared for Liam from time to time, but the sound of his laughter and the look of pride as he mastered new challenges was such a joy and a treat to witness that I would not have given it up for anything in the world. Continue reading

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Surviving My After Christmas Blues / A Family Solution

After the christmas holidays I get feelings ranging from depression to relief that it has come and gone and that somehow the stress and excitement of it all did not kill me. I neither hate, nor love the Christmas holidays, … Continue reading

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Liam’s First Sleep Over

Liam arrived for his sleep over just after breakfast yesterday with his Mom and Dad.  Both he and I had a cold stuffy nose, runny eyes, dry cough and as miserable as two people could be. We were both trying … Continue reading

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I Am GrandPa And I Am Loving It

Courteney, Shaylin, Terryll I love everything about being a grandfather or GrandPa as my grandchildren refer to me.  I have been in all of their lives in a hands on way from the time they were born and they have … Continue reading

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