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What Could Possibly Be Wrong With Bill C-13?

That this Harper led government chose to play politics and dash the hopes of Canadian children who are one step away from taking their lives; that this government could abandon these children who were desperately counting on the government to keep its promise and do something to end their torment, is unfortunately a death sentence to those children, who were counting on Bill C-13, also known as the Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act. Continue reading

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Are Canadians Really This Laid Back Or Just Tired Of Fighting

If winning the daily double was not good enough we scored the trifecta of bureaucratic stupidity and ineptitude; we as Quebecers are blessed with a federal conservative government that just does not give a crap about Quebec, or its citizens, be they English or French, Protestant or Catholic, Black White, Brown, or Yellow. Continue reading

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Are We An Ignorant People, Slow To Grasp Things, Mentally Incompetent An Unable To Determine What Is Good For Us?

How could we be anything else but a country full of ignorant people, slow to grasp things, mentally incompetent and unable to determine what is good for us, if we just stand by and accept all this as okay as just politics in Canada as usual without putting up the slightest of objections? Continue reading

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F-35 Fighter Jet, Hercules Aircraft Both Acquisitions Prove That Harper Government Incapable Of Governing This Country

Never has a government of Canada intentionally allowed aircraft with faulty parts to be flown by, or transport our men and women in the armed forces when not in an emergency war situation, before this Harper led conservative government. Continue reading

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Harper’s Immigration Law Targets American Women And Other Non Landed Imigrant Mother’s Divorced From Canadian Dead Beat Dads

If the government is capable and willing to separate these mothers from their children, or let it happen, what will they not do and does it matter to them as long as it does not affect the economy negatively?” Continue reading

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The World Warns F-35 Jet Deal Free Falling Harper And Conservatives Remain Steadfast Best Deal For Canada

Remembering that Harper and his party refused to allow tenders on this project even though every expert in the field of procurement of this type said that not to was just fool hardy not to do so, is this government trying to give Canadians a false sense of security? I guess they are not liking the taste of their feet in their mouths. Continue reading

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Jason Kenney Says… Hoping To See Your Family United On Canadian Soil… Show Me The Color Of Your Money

The sign said: Seeking To Immigrate To Canada? Canada Wants And Needs You. Refugees, Poor People And People Without Skills Canada Can Use, Need Not Apply. Canada Does Not Want, Or Need You!! Continue reading

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What Does Being A Democratic Country Mean In The New World Order?

As I look at what is going on in the so-called governments of the “Democratic Countries”, of the world at home and outside of their countries, I see democratic governments by virtue of the vote only and even this is a sham. What the candidates say means nothing and they for years have taken away the power of the people a little at a time to the point where they openly tell the population to leave the governing to them and that we do not know the intricacies of governing a country. Continue reading

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Safe Streets And Communities Act / Bill C- 10

Right now with this approach Mr. Harper has declared war on the poor, the homeless and the mentally ill. It is a war that can not be won, because we are entering this world at a far greater rate then the rich. We did not get here on our own, the rich made us to do their grunt work and kept us here, because the world and their egos can not function without us, but we grow tired of the abuse, the neglect and the broken promises. Continue reading

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Canadians Countrymen Lend Me Your Ears

Canadians countrymen do not seek to call this man a liar because it is not true. Seek instead to take the blinders off, so that you will not make the same mistake again and allow this poor excuse for a human being to govern again. Realize that all that he is, with all of the power that he has, is your fault and mine for voting him and his political party in, or not fighting hard enough to keep him and political party out. Continue reading

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