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Why Is Priority Given To The Opioid Crisis While Other Canadians Asked To Wait Patiently For Help?

Canadians need to remember that when a politician says there is no money to fund something, what they are really saying is that there is no political value in helping you. Continue reading

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Catchy Phrases, Empty Words And Meaningless Jargon … The Tools Of A Successful Canadian Government

I think that only a fool is willing to watch his family and love ones die from starvation, the elements and still give monies to a government hell-bent on making the rich richer and the poor dead. Continue reading

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Can Canada Afford Not To Have A Free Medicare System? How Many Will Die Without It? Does The Harper government Care? Do You?

When the people’s needs of a country are ignored, or deemed not important by the actions of their government, people suffer and die. When we say that only those who can afford it deserve the best medical treatment and medical attention people suffer and die. If the goal of this budget balancing is to provide a better life for all Canadian citizens then it can not begin by killing off the less fortunate of the country with slashes and the out right cutting of medical services and medications. This is murder as efficient and as cruel as a gas chamber, a firing squad, using toxic chemicals, or the bombing of ones own citizens. Continue reading

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Health Care Is The Problem Of The Provinces Says Harper / What Was Promised Under Duress During An Election Does Not Count

It is like the Harper intent is to commit genocide and the object of this genocide are the poor people of Canada. Maybe in the next election campaign, he will use this strategy to explain to voters how he and his party did their part in wiping out poverty and the harm it does, by culling the herd with measures like this one. Maybe he will seek another majority government based on all of the money he has been able to save without touching the pockets of real Canadians? It is hard to say what is in this mans head, but his intentions are crystal clear; Harper intends to wipe out poverty not by bringing up the standard of living of the poor, but by wiping them out like he is doing to the Liberal Party. Continue reading

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Voting To Punish Politicians Will Not Get You Good Govenrment

We vote them in and out of office all too often now because we can not take the lying and the scandals of the political party we are ousting any longer and not because we believe that the in coming … Continue reading

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Who You Elect Tells The world Who You Are America

As you go to the polls to vote in these mid-term elections ask yourself some of these hard questions  Then decide whether you want more of your children sacrificed for a slogan like the Sarah Palin types are spewing out, … Continue reading

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Is Canada Afraid To Say No To The United States Government?

Let me just say before I get started that I have nothing against the people of the United States, I was born there and I have family there. I am not anti-American, but I am anti cruel and anti greedy and anti heartless.  I … Continue reading

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