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Peace Through War / Canada’s Impossible Mission Objective

We have become so used to claiming victory, because we have killed enough of the other people that they give up that we have forgotten how to talk. We are so used to lying about why we kill others that we actually believe our own spin. Continue reading

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Does A Good Canadian Really Have To Take On The Traits Of The Three Monkeys?

If one thing is true it is that we the Canadian citizen are allowing our government to do the, cruel thoughtless things that they are doing both at home and abroad without the slightest protest. We have forgotten what is just; what is morally correct and what it is to be a real Canadian. We need to find our way back to what made us who we were as a people not just a government, because what we have allowed ourselves to become is all that is bad in the world. Continue reading

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Quebec Not Ready to Be Sovereign Nation

I wish some one would just come forward in the Quebec government and tell the truth just once.  Why are Muslim women being singled out and targeted for wearing their religious head-gear?  Two expulsions after the fact seem stupid and … Continue reading

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