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Stephen Harper And Jason Kenney Are Hurting Canadians And Foreign Workers

Harper’s Conservatives also seem to spend a lot of time talking about how the Liberals allowed for strippers from all over the world to come to Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program when it was under their watch, as though that somehow justifies the fact that because of abuse by restaurants like McDonald’s, the whole program’s availability to the restaurant industry had to be blocked. Continue reading

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This Canadian Thinks Steven Harper’s Government Lacks Transparency And Honesty

I believe that lack of transparency and honesty becomes a problem for this government when it tries dealing with Canadians as a whole and not just special interest groups, because it is here that the Harper government begins to lose credibility through its non accessibility. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism Is A Necessity / Sectarianism Is A Death Sentence

Perhaps it is time for our very existence to come to an end as some have predicted is close at hand. When we as species are too slow, too dull-witted and so unable to adapt that we find it impossible to grasp the simple concept of equality and justice for all in all things, how long will it be until we wipe ourselves off the face of the earth through violent acts designed and committed to prove our superiority and dominance anyway. Continue reading

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Vic Toews And Jason Kenney, Spend Ten Million Dollars To Answer Question, What Makes A Terrorist Become A Terrorist?

Vic Toews, Public Safety Minister, and Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship and Prime minister Stephen Harper need look no further than a mirror to find out why people become terrorists. They are sowing the seeds for such actions everyday. Continue reading

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Jason Kenney Strikes Again… Immigration Changes Gives Control Over Who Gets Into Canada To The Provinces And Business Owners

This government does not even care if you have already been waiting and did not jump the system, they are going to toss your application in the trash if no business wants you and they feel that you will not be able to prosper here. Continue reading

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Honor Killing / Can We Say Not Here When Religious And Cultural Beliefs Are Used As A Defense For Murder?

I lay no claim to knowing why and what makes honor killing okay in the minds of some Muslims, who believe and carry through with this ideology and to be quite honest I do not really care why, I just want it to stop. This is one issue where I can not be swayed and will not tolerate any excuses. Child abuse and murder is just so wrong no matter by what authority, or by what reason the adult gives themselves as entitlement; I know this from personal experience. Continue reading

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Jason Kenney Says… Hoping To See Your Family United On Canadian Soil… Show Me The Color Of Your Money

The sign said: Seeking To Immigrate To Canada? Canada Wants And Needs You. Refugees, Poor People And People Without Skills Canada Can Use, Need Not Apply. Canada Does Not Want, Or Need You!! Continue reading

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