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A Christmas Story By Archemdis

He put down his remote without pausing the game and came over to face me with a very hurt look on his face that I thought was about losing out on the gifts I usually bought for them, but as I looked in his eyes I realised that if indeed there was some of that thought it was not the main one. I was breaking a tradition and I was taking away the one time in the whole year when he and his siblings got to be together in a spirit of family love without any pressure to do anything but enjoy each other. No posturing, or loyalties needed to be proven and I understood that I could not follow through with canceling Christmas Eve and day at Grandpa’s house. Continue reading

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I Am Thankful For All For That God Has Given Me And My Family

I am thankful that I got s second chance to get my life together, get out of the crime scene and be a good father to my children and a good grandparent. I am so thankful that over the years I have been able to support my family friends and loved ones both emotionally and financially. Continue reading

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Did God Create Man In His Image Or Did Man Create God In His?

I know for me none of these so-called churches represent my God, because they have recreated God in their image. My God is a God of love not war. My God wants us to feed the poor, heal the sick and do unto others as we would have others do unto us. Continue reading

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Camp Livingstone And My First Walk With God

It is the story of interacting with a Christian couple who not only talked about God, but lived a godly life and showed me they were normal and just like me and my family except that they had God in their lives and that I could have God in my life too. I will never forget Mr. and Mrs. Carter for instilling in me that once you accepted the lord as your saviour he would never let you go and so I returned to where I first found God and had asked him to save my life.
Continue reading

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Begging As A Profession In Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The beggar you see on the highway ramps with their signs saying how hungry they are and they are just trying to get back home are supplementing their welfare check, or unemployment insurance with the money you give them each day … Continue reading

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In Which God Do We Trust?

 I was raised in the Christian faith, but have  found that most religions seem to have rules and laws that tell us to do things for the betterment of man. We seem to be able to follow these laws for the most part until it comes to meeting someone … Continue reading

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No More Gods Of Peace An Harmony

The tenets and values of religion have changed for the worst in my opinion as man created God in his own image. Every picture of God in christianity has him looking like a white male. Now why is that I wonder? … Continue reading

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