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Has Adolf Hitler Been Reborn In Benjamin Netanyahu And Have The German Sheep Been Replaced By The Sheep Of Israel?

The Swastika of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party was just a symbol neither good or bad until it became associated with the atrocities of the holocaust. If Israel keeps slaughtering little children and innocent civilians how long do you think before the Star of David, becomes as reviled a symbol of shame as the Swastika is today and the leaders of Israel are hunted all over the world as perpetrators of crimes against humanity? Continue reading

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A World Without A Peace Broker Is A World Without Peace

View these images of Hiroshima and remember that there is a good chance that a nuclear weapon may now be targeted on your own city and home. And consider that modern nuclear weapons are generally 8 to 50 times more powerful than the first atomic bombs that destroyed the Japanese cities. What say you now, “Talk, or Charge?”
Continue reading

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Warrior Nations Like Russia Fight, Peace Keepers Like Canada Used To Talk

The USA, Canada and the E.U. have been guilty of throwing their collective weight around in smaller countries, with little or no military capacity or economic ability to defend themselves against their combined military might, or ability to isolate them with sanctions, embargos and no fly zones, trying to force governments to adopt our way of governance and lifestyle. Continue reading

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Russia Puts Troops On The Ground And The West Saber- Rattles

It would seem that Canada through Stephen Harper and John Baird have taken the people of Ukraine out of the frying pan of fragile peace with Russia and independence as a nation and thrown all Ukrainians into the fire of loss of freedom through military intervention by Russia, over a refused trade deal with the European Union. I fear the Ukraine and its people will need more that just cheap talk, sabre-rattling to get Russia to pull out of their country! Continue reading

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This Canadian Thinks Steven Harper’s Government Lacks Transparency And Honesty

I believe that lack of transparency and honesty becomes a problem for this government when it tries dealing with Canadians as a whole and not just special interest groups, because it is here that the Harper government begins to lose credibility through its non accessibility. Continue reading

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Does A Sovereign Nation Have The Right To Make Being Gay Illegal?

I read in a book somewhere in a book I know longer know the name of, a part of a conversation that touched me and it went like this, ‘Honor, courtesy and justice… they are not real. We all pretend to have them and hold them up like shields, but they guard only folk that carry the same shields. Against those who have discarded them they are no shields at all, but only additional weapons to be used against them”. Continue reading

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Archemdis An Average Canadian Citizen Thinks That The Conservative Government Of Canada Is Just So Wrong!

I liked the Canada that took care of its elderly, sick, homeless and most fragile of people. I liked the Canada that respected the right of it citizens to strike and collectively bargain no matter how inconvenient it was for the country’s economic plan. Continue reading

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