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Old Stale Thinking Versus New Fresh Thinking Canada Now Has A Choice

What about Justin Trudeau officially removing the Liberal Senators from the Liberal Party of Canada caucus that made him the object and the subject of such ridicule, such sarcasm and so much laughter and prompted the usually polite and non-partisan Elizabeth May to stifle her laughter coquettishly in her hand and join in on the childish spectacle instigated by the Prime Minister in a deliberate attempt to bully and intimidate Justin Trudeau? Continue reading

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Attack Ads Harper Government’s Only Answer To Trudeau Popularity

If life is not what you make it, but what you settle for and we apply this to Canada, I believe that this country is in trouble. Canadians make it possible for bad government to get into power and settle for politicians whose only agenda is who they will attack, fire and get rid of through innuendo, inferences, gossip and even malicious lies and character assignations, because we see this behaviour now as the norm and just good politicking. Continue reading

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