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Keystone Pipeline Deal Postponed by Americans… Harper Tells Obama Canada Is Mine To Pollute As I See Fit … Harper Off To China… Vows To Make New Best Friend

I have seen people not care about the future, animals and nature, but care about their fellow-man and vice versa, but I have never before seen a group of people ( Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada) who care about nothing but themselves and the here and now. Continue reading

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The Absolute Power Of A Majority Government Could Be Used To Do Good But Political Will Is Not There

Why does our Canadian government choose to ignore the suffering of its people, when it could use the power of a majority government to do so much good? Continue reading

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Joe Oliver, Minister Of Natural Resources Takes Pot Shots At Protesting Stars

Remember when it was said during the soft wood lumber pay off to which Harper gave the USA $5 billion dollars with a promise to then president George W. bush to deliver to the USA 70% of Canada’s oil and gas? Harper said it was all not true and he had made the best deal for Canada in a realistic way. Well I say he was a liar to deny the deal and this is the proof. Continue reading

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