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Yes I Have Something To Say About The 300 School Girls Abducted In Nigeria

That nobody is taking action, because 300 black African school girls have gone missing does not surprise me one bit, because even in the 3rd millennium girls and women’s rights are not considered all that important and certainly not considered worth risking the loss of diplomatic ties over, jeopardizing valuable trade deals over and most definitely not worth going to war over. Continue reading

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David James Leblanc Sentenced To Only 11 Years

LeBlanc was given credit for 258 days he has served in custody prior to his trial, meaning he has about 10 years, 3 1/2 months left on his sentence adding insult to injury. Does this sound to you like we live in a country that takes these types of crimes against children seriously? It does not to me, in fact not much has changed since I was sexually assaulted by a male neighborhood community center worker, 46 years ago. Continue reading

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Khadr Trial Moot / Trial Held In A Kangaroo Court

Definition of a Kangaroo court   A mock court set up in violation of established legal procedure. A court characterized by dishonesty or incompetence.   As this farce that is called a trial begins I begin to see the true … Continue reading

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The FLQ Are Terrorist In My Opinion And So Are Those Who Support Them In Any Fashion

Le Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ), That was founded in 1963. Its goal was to achieve Quebec Independence by resorting to terrorism.

Terrorism is a climate of fear that a political group attempts to in still in a society in order to create insecurity among the general population. These groups systematically use violence.

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