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Thank Goodness I Do Not Have To Pretend!

This is a government that needs to be protested at every turn and the world needs to know that as soon is it is legally possible we as a nation will be removing this democratic farce now running things and go back to the Canada that was loved by all Canadians and most of the world; a loving, caring decent Canada.” Continue reading

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The Absolute Power Of A Majority Government Could Be Used To Do Good But Political Will Is Not There

Why does our Canadian government choose to ignore the suffering of its people, when it could use the power of a majority government to do so much good? Continue reading

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Will The Real John Baird Please Stand Up

Minister for Environment and Government House Leader,  John Baird, is one of the most exasperating, infuriating and destructive politicians to do this job.  I find his approach to politics argumentative, dishonest and as non transparent as a politician can be.  I … Continue reading

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