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Sorry Justin, Canada Needs A Prime Minister That Does Good For Them!

Canada and Canadians need and deserve more out of their Prime Minister, then a self-promoting, camera hog, who cannot help thrusting himself in front of a camera for a photo opt at every available opportunity! Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet Not Quite Representative Of All Canadians

I guess that certain things take longer to change than others and some old habits are hard to break. I do not know what the criteria was for each portfolio, but I would have to assume if the vetting process was done fairly that there was not one of the 2 obvious minorities left out of this cabinet that had what it took to head up any of the ministries. Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau Was Ready To Offer Hope Instead Of Fear, Gloom And Despair

Justin Trudeau’s, “Sunny Ways”, I can only hope prove themselves more than just empty words. I truly hope that his promises of a more caring, transparent, inclusive, government are true, because this is not only what Canadians want and deserve, but is what they need to feel they can once again be proud and trusting of their country and their government, both domestically and internationally. Continue reading

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Crybaby Thomas Mulcair Complains On National Television That Justin Will Not Play With Him

Thomas Mulcair says that he is willing to do anything in his power to defeat Stephen Harper, but admits that Justin Trudeau is willing to work with the NDP to defeat Stephen Harper if he is no longer the leader of the NDP. I am wondering why no one has asked Thomas Mulcair if Stephen Harper’s defeat depended on him stepping down and leaving the NDP, would he do it? Continue reading

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Let it be Stephen, Or Even Thomas, But Not Justin Pleads Canadian News

Is it the job of the news media to report the news as it happens, or is it the job of the news to pick for the Canadian voter who is a worthy candidate to run for political office and who is not? I believe it is the first choice, report the facts impartially about each candidate and let the Canadian voters decide for themselves who they want to vote for. Continue reading

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Attack Ads Harper Government’s Only Answer To Trudeau Popularity

If life is not what you make it, but what you settle for and we apply this to Canada, I believe that this country is in trouble. Canadians make it possible for bad government to get into power and settle for politicians whose only agenda is who they will attack, fire and get rid of through innuendo, inferences, gossip and even malicious lies and character assignations, because we see this behaviour now as the norm and just good politicking. Continue reading

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Choosing A New Leader For Liberals Always = Bad Government For The People of Canada

Political parties in this country need to have the interim leader picked ahead of time so we the voter do not have to endure, bad government while parties spend huge amounts of money in fighting. Continue reading

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