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Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone At Mayor Ford

The Star in my opinion has decided that they do not care what the rules are concerning the mayor’s rights to remain in office, or whether their approach to getting him removed is legal, ethical, or in violation of his rights under Canadian law. Continue reading

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If Michael Applebaum Is Innocent Why Did He Resign?

We as citizens expect that when we are accused of something that breaks the law that we will be given a chance to prove our innocence and remain innocent until proved guilty, so why is it that we are increasingly willing to deny this right to politicians and other public figures, like ex-mayor Michael Applebaum? Continue reading

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Mayor Rob Ford Innocent Until Proved Guilty, So Where Is The Tape?

How could a news paper run a story without having the tape or a copy of it in their possession? Continue reading

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Is There Not One Political Party, One Politician, One Level Of Government, That Canadians Can Put Their Trust In?

All of the various levels of government claim to have our best interests at heart and want what is best for us, but I can not see it Continue reading

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Montreal And Boroughs To Get Tough On Beggars And Homeless

The street beggar and the homeless person are more of an embarrassment and a living visual testimony that things are not right in this city. this province and indeed this country and fining them fines they can not pay will not stop the problems that drive them into the street to beg, to sleep and to live in the first place Continue reading

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Goodbye Occupy Protests Of The World And Goodbye To Democracy And Our Right To Protest

A crowd of people stood watching in silence not really showing any emotion and I thought to myself how sad. I wondered were there any post office workers among them, or maybe some Air Canada employees in the crowd? Striking is just another form of protesting people and if you stood there thinking how right the government was shutting this protest down it is with the same reasoning and lack of respect for democracy that they shut down your strike, your protest as well. Continue reading

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Occupy Montreal Missed The Point Of The World Protest It Joined, Or Chose To Ignore It

The other “Occupy Protests” were more than just government sanctioned sit ins. the people of all the other protests understood that the homeless and all of the other people shunned and looked down on by the 1% of the world’s population could be them in the near future if things did not change and were them in the eyes of the 1% right now. Continue reading

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Archemdis Goes To The Take Over Canada Protest (Occupying Montreal)

I think that the people of the protest have forgotten that to be successful in a fight and that is what a protest is no matter how non violent the protesters must keep the pressure on the government, make the purpose of the protest clear and never lose an opportunity to keep the public aware of its fight and well-informed Continue reading

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The Botanical Gardens of Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Botanical Gardens of Montreal, Quebec, Canada are second to none in the world and are both educational and a nice way to spend a great day out in the outdoors with the entire family.  I did not find the … Continue reading

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Montreal Mayors With A Vision (lol)

How is it that a man, or a woman elected to public office gets to feel that they have the right to take the hard-earned money of the tax payer, entrusted to them, taken from their pays by means of taxes and pension dues and spend it to fulfill a dream of theirs Continue reading

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