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This Canadian Thinks Steven Harper’s Government Lacks Transparency And Honesty

I believe that lack of transparency and honesty becomes a problem for this government when it tries dealing with Canadians as a whole and not just special interest groups, because it is here that the Harper government begins to lose credibility through its non accessibility. Continue reading

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Conservatives Back Peddling As F-35 Jet Fighter Procurement Problems Once Again Come To Light

This might even be considered by some just good political one up man ship, but when the lives of our military are on the line and in these hard economic times when we are being forced to go without some of the most basic of things and we are being told by this government to tighten our belts, how dare they pull off this type of fiasco, that will cost Canadians billions of dollars and still leave our air force pilots flying dangerous missions in outdated aircraft Continue reading

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Why Do Opposition Parties Bother To Go To Work On The Hill These Days?

I listened to the debate and was astonished at just how much power Stephen Harper and all Canadian Prime Ministers enjoy and just how much power he is grabbing by giving it to his cabinet ministers who serve only at his pleasure and must do what he says regardless of how they feel if they wish to remain in cabinet and even in caucus. Continue reading

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Canadians Countrymen Lend Me Your Ears

Canadians countrymen do not seek to call this man a liar because it is not true. Seek instead to take the blinders off, so that you will not make the same mistake again and allow this poor excuse for a human being to govern again. Realize that all that he is, with all of the power that he has, is your fault and mine for voting him and his political party in, or not fighting hard enough to keep him and political party out. Continue reading

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Tony Clement Took 50 Million Dollars From Border Security And Vic Toews Says Nothing

This is a story of a guy who barely was able to win his riding, before he gave the people in his riding close to 50 million dollars in tax payer monies.

Continue reading

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Jack Layton Says Thank You To Quebec By Endorsing 50%+ 1

Way to go Jack we the English and the non separatists of Quebec thank you so much for opening up this can of worms again and may I say at the same time that we are glad that your hands are tied and you are in no position to make trouble from your lame duck status as the Official Opposition Leader.
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Conservatives And Liberals Trying To Make A Scapegoat Out Of Ruth Ellen Brosseau

The truth is that all of the parties and voters had a chance and an obligation to check out all of the candiates credentials and did not, because they thought she and the rest of the new comers for the NDP did not stand a chance of winning. I would suggest that you let her represent her riding and move on. Continue reading

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