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Moving Day Will Be Upon Us Soon Beware Of Unprofessional Movers Like Service Direct B N Transport P In Montreal

When it is time for your move, you will want and deserve a person, or company that is honest from the beginning to the end; a company or person who treats you with respect and carries themselves with respect from the 1st phone call, until they shake your hand at the end of the job. What you do not need in this time of belt-tightening and stress is what just happened to my daughter with her move and her mover. Continue reading

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Quebecs Winners And Losers On Moving Day

There are definite winners and losers in this new push to have everyone moved out by midnight June 30th by landlords. As I have stated in other posts, I think that the law that made July 1st the official that … Continue reading

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Bend Over It Is July 1st \ Time To Move

It  is coming soon to Quebec. The only time  in Montreal when you can move without penalty. July 1st the day the official moving day of Quebec. Keep in mind that these prices change year in and year out.  Some may not be the same … Continue reading

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