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Justin Trudeau Was Ready To Offer Hope Instead Of Fear, Gloom And Despair

Justin Trudeau’s, “Sunny Ways”, I can only hope prove themselves more than just empty words. I truly hope that his promises of a more caring, transparent, inclusive, government are true, because this is not only what Canadians want and deserve, but is what they need to feel they can once again be proud and trusting of their country and their government, both domestically and internationally. Continue reading

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Crybaby Thomas Mulcair Complains On National Television That Justin Will Not Play With Him

Thomas Mulcair says that he is willing to do anything in his power to defeat Stephen Harper, but admits that Justin Trudeau is willing to work with the NDP to defeat Stephen Harper if he is no longer the leader of the NDP. I am wondering why no one has asked Thomas Mulcair if Stephen Harper’s defeat depended on him stepping down and leaving the NDP, would he do it? Continue reading

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Canadian Voters Need To Stop Voting For Paper Canadidates/Sacrificial Candidates

Is it fair to the Canada’s voting population and to the candidates themselves to have political parties like the New Democratic Party, both provincially and federally make it practice to run paper candidates/sacrificial candidates in elections, or is it an abuse of the electoral system?

Continue reading

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Talkative NDP Female MP Actually Responsible For Any Re-Victimizing Of Her Colleague, Not Justin Trudeau

If someone accused 1 of my grandsons of sexually assaulting them, I would want them to be given every opportunity to prove their innocence in a court of law, not in some back room in some politically charged environment that has found him guilty, because it is politically correct, or the chivalrous thing to do. Continue reading

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Let He Who Is Not Guilty Of Ethnic Vote Wooing Cast The First Stone

That all this is done with the tax payer dollars is nothing new tax payers are paying for everything from Pauline Marois drumming up support for an independent country called Quebec to Harper running ads national ads everywhere using millions of dollars to promote his party and it is all done with tax payer dollars tax payer. Continue reading

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New Democrats Say They Did Not Have Time / Conservatives Only Register In 27 Of 125 Ridings / I Say Both Parties By Passed Our Quebec Provincial Election

New Democrats and the Conservative Government of Canada will by-pass the Quebec Provincial Elections once again, chosing once again to field no candidates, or very few. In my opinion both parties are deliberately chosing to take no action and no responsibility for helping the non separatists in Quebec, or anything that happens in Quebec; a safe place for the Conservative and New Democratic parties, but not so good for Quebecers who want to be Canadian first. Continue reading

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What Does A Strong, Majority Conservative Government Mean For Canadians And Canada?

I think that Mr. Harper is an ill-informed coward, who was never a Canadian in his heart and feels that Canada could never stand on its own. I think that he is an egomaniac who will not take advice and goes about running this government and conducting foreign policy like a bull in a china shop.(The handling of the air base incident, China, African aid cuts ) Continue reading

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Can Canadians Remove A Majority Government By Petition?

On Friday March 25, 2011 the Canadian House of Commons found Prime Minister Stephen Harper guilty of contempt of Parliament. According to parliamentary law, contempt of parliament is a federal crime. Being that Harper has been found guilty of a crime Harper is barred from seeking re-election on May 2, 2011. So why is this guy still leading the Conservative party and Canada?
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