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Over Ten Days After Snow Storm Some Island Of Montreal Streets Still Without Sidewalks / Officials In Charge Happy With Progress

The city officials giving interviews seem to think that everything was handled just fine and everything is going as well as can be expected. Making me believe that every time there is a substantial snow fall we will be getting the same type of service in the same ill thought out way. Continue reading

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Ottawa Home Of The Winterlude… The Longest Skating Rink In The World… And The Record Holder For The Most Anti Government Protests In A City Block

I went to see the Winterlude with its ice sculptures and the Rideau Canal skating rink and ended up seeing so much more and learning a great deal about what is not being done by this government and what needs to be done by Canadian people. I enjoyed my day in Ottawa and learned a great deal. There is definitely something for everyone in Ottawa and never a dull moment. Continue reading

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When We Live By The Sword / Before And After 9/11

We have mistrust, hatred, bigotry and a dislike for anything Muslim never before seen in America as a constant reminder of 9/11. We have places like Guantanamo Bay to remind us of 9/11. We have a failing world economy to remind us of 9/11. We have probing of the genital area searches and intrusive x-rays to remind us of 9/11, so why do we need to a ground zero to remind us of the price that was paid in blood and tears for not only the USA, but for all of the world, but especially the Islamic, Muslim world?
Continue reading

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